TransToony Space

by David Morgan-Mar

It is the year 2100. Cartoon characters face their greatest challenges yet: settling the far reaches of Near Space, dealing with weird new gadgets that one or two people are actually afraid to use, and understanding bizarre TransToony cultures!

(Note: Page references are to the Deluxe Edition of Toon, 1991. The same references might be to different pages in earlier editions, or to Toon Silly Stuff or Toon Strikes Again. If you have these versions, you probably know where to find the material.)


TransToony adventures can take place virtually anywhere, although The City and Outer Space are popular locations.

The City

Millions of people live in The City, only some of them are not people -- there are robots, cybertoasters, and biotoasters as well (see below). Players can be any one of these strange characters. Otherwise The City is pretty much like any other hyper-evolved futuristic urban mega-complex. There are enormous buildings with crystalline diamond windows, flying cars, and glass tubes you can stand under and get sucked through to any desired destination in The City. These almost never malfunction. Mostly. Well, hardly ever.


Elaundry is an underwater city in the ocean, built by Australians. Most of the inhabitants are platypuses, or platypus biotoasters, though there is the occasional crocodile. Inhabitants of Elaundry explore the bottom of the sea, raise fish in underwater farms (complete with . . .

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