Supporting Cast

Jasmine Mojarro


by Phil Masters

Jasmine Mojarro

234 points

Age 35; 5'6''; 115 lbs.; An average-looking but reasonably fit woman, with expensive, slightly brash clothes with proclaim her status. Mojarro often has Digital Hair (p.TS146) active, displaying shifting or swirling abstract designs or patterns. (She might switch this off if someone complained strongly, but would give the impression that she found the other person silly.) Her VR avatar is a perfect image of herself in simple but very stylish clothes.

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 11 [10]; IQ: 14 [45]; HT: 11 [10].
Speed: 5.50; Move: 5 (running).
Dodge: 5.

Advantages: Genefixed Human [0]; Ally (Programmed) (Rufus the Cyberdog, 200 points, 15 or less) [45]; Ally (Programmed) ("Ann," 50 points, 15 or less) [9]; Ally (Programmed) ("Homefire," 25 points, 15 or less) [6]; Charisma +1 [5]; Contacts (Business: Columbia Aerospace Director; Skill 18, 9 or less, Somewhat Reliable) [3]; Contacts (Business: Ithemba Biotech middle manager; Skill 15, 9 or less, Somewhat Reliable) [2]; Contacts (Business: Marwari Digital staff reporter; Skill 12, 15 or less, Usually Reliable) [6]; Contacts (Business: Solar Express pilot; Skill 12, 9 or less, Usually Reliable) [2]; Contacts (Vosper-Babbage troubleshooter; Skill 15, 9 or less, Usually Reliable) [4]; Deep Sleeper [5]; Disease-Resistant [5] (Permanent Immune Machine nanomods); Fearlessness +2 [4]; Immunity to Disease (Affects cancers instead . . .

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Article publication date: April 11, 2003

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