Steve Jackson Games is launching two new lines of modular terrain: Hexscape for hex-based games, and Squarescape for games that use (you guessed it) squares.

Consider this a "gamma test." We have tested these on a variety of machines, we've built layouts, we've played real games with them. Now, for each line, we will sell a limited number of sets of terrain – along with 3d design files (STLs) for printing the models on your 3d printer – and we look forward to your feedback.


Each "Launch Set" includes BOTH physical pieces and the STL files to print more:

PHYSICAL PIECES. Unpainted, unpunched dungeon pieces, plus 45 connectors. These will be 3D printed at our office* and shipped in the order that they are ordered (so to speak).

STL FILES. Files for all the physical pieces you get – plus, of course, the connectors. And a couple of bonus bits we call "krunks" that you may, or may not, use to dress up the edge of your layout. You can use these STL files with either a resin or filament printer to create your own. Make as many as you need (but please, no resale!)

We will sell these through Warehouse 23 (only), for $30 per set, shipping sometime soon after FnordCon.

Hexscape Hexscape

Physical Parameters:

Hexscape is based on a hexagon 1.5" across** – generously sized to hold standard circle or hex bases. Columns (which form walls) are solid hexes. This is the scale of the Fantasy Trip Melee maps, and also works with GURPS, Gloomhaven, and others.

Squarescape is based on the 5-foot square, beloved by the OSR movement and, of course, by fans of the original Dungeons & Dragons. Each incised square is one inch** and walls are 2" high. A standard Squarescape piece is a 2" square with built-in walls, compatible with the most popular (and expensive) molded terrain sets.

Both sets use hidden H-locks to connect pieces. These can be glued to create your own permanent dungeon scenes, or left unglued to keep everything in place on the table yet allow easy reconfiguration as the party moves along.

All pieces have provisions for adding magnets underneath, where they won't show but will hold minis in place, if that's what you want.

Hexscape Hexscape

The Hexscape Launch Set

Price $30.00 * Stock number 3513
Out Of PrintClick here for dealer info

This hexagon-patterned labyrinth starter set is optimized for small encounters (it builds a great 33-hex arena) or for use as a background. You get:

  • 4 Single Hexes
  • 2 4-Hex Diamonds
  • 3 Megahexes
  • 4 Short Columns (3 parts each)
  • 3 Medium-Short Columns (3 parts each)
  • 45 Connectors
  • STL files for all the above, plus the krunks
  • With three sets, you can build a complete TFT Melee map.

The Squarescape Launch Set

Price $30.00 * Stock number 3514
Out Of PrintClick here for dealer info

This square-patterned set has 16 2" dungeon squares of 7 different kinds (plus 45 connectors), which can be recombined into some gosh-awful different number of dungeon levels. And, of course, the STLs for all the above and the krunks and a bonus "blank floor" dungeon square.

We have worked out three different 4 x 4 levels using these pieces, and one 3 x 5, just for variety. Even if you never use the STL files, this set gives you a lot of adventure value for your money.


What's Next?

Depending on your feedback, we may do a Kickstarter, or we may launch a monthly subscription to the STL files; with your support, we can keep creating new pieces.

And we may go into the business of selling physical terrain.

Or we may grow wings like butterflies and fly to the Moon. You never know.

Hexscape Hexscape




* We are using resin for the terrain parts, for maximum detail, and a slightly flexible filament for the connectors. For your own printing, we recommend alcohol-based resin rather than water-based. Our water-based tests were not dimensionally stable. If you have a filament printer, these DO work with filament (better than I expected, says Steve).

** For seriously tl;dr reasons we went metric on the manufacturing, so our inch is really 25mm and our 1.5" hex is really 38mm.