Strange Synergy
Strange Synergy
Sample character

Designed by Mark Ahlquist and Brian Stormont * Edited by Steve Jackson
Illustrated by Phil Foglio * Cover art by Phil Foglio

Boxed game with 112 cards, rules, warrior stand-ups and bases, game map, counters, and one die.
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ISBN 1-55634-707-3
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Strange Synergy is built around 100 different Power Cards . . . superpowers, mutations, skills, gadgets. Each warrior starts with three different powers. You choose the combination! Can you create the unbeatable team? Can you win against superior powers?

Developed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by Phil Foglio (Girl Genius, GURPS IOU, XXXenophile), this game is as much fun to watch as it is to play. No two games are the same. How many ways can you make four different teams of three warriors, out of 100 powers? The mind boggles, and the fun never ends!



Sample stand-up
Assorted counters

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