The Silicon Valley Tarot

What People Are Saying About The Silicon Valley Tarot!

"Should you take your company public? Upgrade to Windows 98? Strangle the maddening loudmouth in the next cubicle?

"Find your answers in the Silicon Valley Tarot Deck, just a simple click away . . . the Internet fortune-telling site that spoofs the high-tech way of work is a lot more fun than hiring a consultant."

-- Associated Press, August 27, 1998

"It looks like Scoville may have a winner on his hands. He's now in talks with a game maker to mass-produce the cards. And as an added bonus, Scoville is getting job offers from folks who've been impressed with his comic insights into the computing world. Looks like his fortunes are improving."

– Information Week, Sept. 7, 1998

Comments e-mailed to Thomas Scoville by various net users . . .

"It provides epic resonance and seems to offer pop culture an insight into Silicon Valley . . . "

"God, this is great! Laughed my ass off! Entire section is now in hysterics!"

" . . . my tarot reading fit the situation perfectly; you may accidentally have sniffed the ether reserved for the gods . . . I can see your tarot deck being used in centuries to come and your name being whispered in awestruck tones in cubicles everywhere!"

"You could be the Scott Adams of the occult. Thanks for sharing this with the world."

"Your web site is a boon to helping me understand the business philosophy here."

"As a network engineer, let me say that this work ranks on the top 5 of all-time genius ideas. You have GOT to publish this deck."

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