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Toon Deluxe Edition

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Designed by Greg Costikyan * Developed by Warren Spector * Edited by Steve Jackson
Cover art by Kyle Miller * Illustrated by Kyle Miller

212 pages. PDF. * Price $15.00 * Stock number 30-1203
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208 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 1205 * ISBN 1-55634-197-0
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Let's Get Silly!

Toon is a different roleplaying game. Remember those great Saturday morning cartoons? Now they're back – and you're the star!

Toon lets you be a rabbit, duck, mouse, moose, woodpecker, wombat, crocodile, caveman . . . whatever you want.

In Toon, anything can happen, and nobody ever gets killed. Been punched? Blown up? Steamrollered? Don't worry – you'll bounce back in the next scene, ready for more!

This book includes quick, simple rules, plenty of silly charts and tables, and lots of cartoon adventures – a joker's dozen! This edition of Toon includes all the material from the original version, plus everything from Toon Silly Stuff, Son of Toon, and Toon Strikes Again – and lots of brand-new material, including two new Feature Films!

Ready to get silly? Get in Toon!


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