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What They're Saying About Toon

"Best Miscellaneous RPG"

The Gist: Players take the roles of animated characters in a setting reminiscent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which Toon predates by four years). Armed with rubber bands, pea shooters and lollypops, characters such as Willy the Weremouse and Stinky the Talking Fire Hydrant do battle with Irma the Ironing Board and Frankencheddar the Undead Cheese.

The Skinny: Emphasizing slapstick violence and nonsense physics – Willy might stroll up the side of a house, Stinky might get beat up by his own shadow – Toon is pure anarchy, the funniest RPG ever. Typical adventure: evil chickens take over a robot factory. Typical ending: an avalanche of hot fudge abruptly buries all the characters.

Inquest, issue #27, July 1997

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