A Toon Armory

by Clive


Solid Steel Cowboy Hat

Ever have trouble with those nasty Indians shooting holes in your hat? On a successful zip roll this hat will reflect bullets and arrows back at their shooter doing half their original damage to them!

Cat Gun

Pull this cat's tail and it will spew 1d hair balls at all your enemies, doing 1d+3 of damage to them.

Mouse Magnet

This huge cheese flavored horse-shoe will attract any rodents within a hundred miles. On a roll of two or less (on 2d), it will attract all the rodents in the universe. The Mouse Magnet only works when it is not in someone's back pocket.

Trick Cigar

When lit, these cigars will smoke for 2 turns then start spewing sparks and balls of flame. After 1 turn, they will explode doing 1d of damage to smoker.

Super Hero Suit

This suit gives the flying shtick to its wearer at skill 7. But lowers the wearer's smarts and all related skills by 3 levels or to zero, whichever comes first.

Mixed Nuts Canister

Comes in three styles: the first style launches huge nuts out the top when opened, enough to bury a character. The second type launches a 50 ft. long (and hungry) snake at the nearest character. The last kind blows models of all the PCs (or the real ones) a hundred feet into the air.

Instant Jelly

If any character eats this powder, they will instantly turn to jelly for 2d turns. While they are jelly, their skills and attributes are halved.

Instant Grass

Toss one seed out, then after 1 turn there will be a six foot high lawn as far as the eye can see.

Confuse Grenade

Toss this grenade at the ground. When it hits, it will release a cloud of gas. Anyone who breaths this gas will become very confused for 4 turns. (They will bump into walls, trip on each other etc.). The players should be allowed to role play the confusion for them selves, but if they won't, then the animator should do it for them.

Super Hard Paint

Any character painted with this paint will be unable to move for 3 turns; then the paint will start to peel away. See tables for color.


It dices, slices and chops. Fruits, vegetables or other PCs. Drop this huge blender over another PC or vegie and it will be chopped for 3d of chopping damage.

Super Pie Gun

Everyone knows that cream pies boggle people, but how would you like to boggle them while doing damage? This gun shoots pies at such speeds that they boggle and do 1d damage.

Rain Maker

The Rain Maker is a huge red rocket. Once the fuse is lit, 3 turns later it will fly into the air making a cloud, then it will start to rain. Once a turn, roll on the Things Falling From the Sky table (Toon, pg.200) to decide what it is raining. The animator should decide how long the cloud lasts, maybe 2-5 turns.

Sneeze Cannon

The Sneeze Cannon consists of a mask, a pepper canister, and the barrel. A character puts the mask on and gets a puff of pepper in their face, then they sneeze. The sneeze enters the barrel spraying a target with boggling slime. It is likely that anyone using this gun will continue sneezing after they take the cannon off. A fire gun roll must be made.

Sneeze Shield

Sneeze Shield is a force shield that will stop any one sneeze per turn. It will also stop up to five points of damage per turn. One or the other, not both.

Portable Bullet Hole

Portable bullet holes work just like normal portable holes except if you stick one on any character, it will do the same damage as a gun (animators choice of gun). Or it could be used as a fake bullet hole for windows, etc.

Hair Ball Powder

If your cat gun (or other player as the case might be) runs out of hair balls, then just give them a dose of this powder and they'll have enough ammo for several hours

Dart Launching Ski Poles

Ever been skiing when those nasty goons started shooting at you with no defence? Then you need these ski poles! They're both functional and deadly (at 2d. of long sharp dart damage).

Deadly Dentures

Deadly dentures fit over a character's teeth and look like a pair of very mangled braces. They do 2d. of large metal chomp damage.


White-Out works like an eraser, and if anyone is in the immediate area of the white-out, they are bogled for 3 turns.

Smelly fish

Smelly fish are like grenades. If you toss out one of these fish, it will explode, spewing smelly fish guts everywhere. Anything touched by smelly fish guts will smell like smelly fish for the rest of the adventure. Remember, bears like fish.

Holiday cards

If someone receives a holiday card, when they open it, it will be that holiday. It doesn't matter what time of year it was when they opened the card, it will become that holiday. When they close it, the time of year will return to normal. This should boggle just about everyone.


Squeak of Death (4 pt. )

This shtick can be given to any appropriate character such as birds, crickets, guinea pigs, or any other characters that have a really good reason to squeak. Squeak of Death does 3d of sonic wave damage to any character within 30'.

Really, Really Bad Breath (5 pt)

Really, really bad breath is like having a flame thrower in your very own throat. On a successful shtick roll, you can spew a stream of flame 10' long doing 2d. of, you guessed it, Really, Really Bad Breath damage.

Skill Boost (5)

Skill Boost raises one skill 1d, but for every turn after the first that you want to keep the skill boosted, you will take 5pt. of damage.


Super Hard Paint Color Table

roll 2d.
1 = red
2 = blue
3 = green
4 = aquamarine
5 = purple
6 = pink
7 = pink with yellow stripes
8 = red with blue dots
9 = green with pink rings
10 = black and white stripes
11 = aquamarine with black bubbles
12 = all of the above

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