More Shticks for Toon

By Theslin Wanders-through-Bramble

Chemistry (4 pts.) Yes, friends, now you, too, can concoct secret formulae, Generate Acid in your Own Home, and Create Life in a Four-Liter Bottle! Just mix any two substances--Silicon Pyrofoogsulfate, Razzafapalite Potasside, or Seltzer Water and potato chips--whatever you have, you can use it to create almost any Secret Concoction you wish. Any potion or substance on the Bottle Contents table (TOON, page 205) is certainly possible, but no self-respecting Mad Scientist would limit himself to such a small list. The Chemistry shtick can only be used to create liquids (a safety feature against loonies who would try to make an atom bomb by mixing baby formula and spicy mustard). The Animator should assign a one- to three-point penalty for characters daring enough to create very odd substances (such as the fabled Lead into Tuna Fish potion). When the character has access to a real laboratory, with real chemicals (as opposed to orange juice and macaroni) he may have a small bonus--say, two points--applied to his shtick roll.

Clutter (2 pts.)
There are some people who just can't stay organized, and always have a drift of papers and books that follows them where-ever they go. Other creatures can't seem to stay clean, and attract dirt like some sort of mud magnet. These are possessors/victims of the Clutter shtick.

There is no need to try and make a shtick roll for Clutter--it's always on.. Cluttered characters are never able to find anything, as any item near them will be buried in their personal messes. In fact, it is virtually impossible for ANYONE to find ANYTHING near this type of character (All within about 10' of the cluttered character must make a See/Hear/Smell roll to locate any given thing). If the cluttered character makes a shtick roll, he can locate just about any item that someone has lost in his mess.

Conjuring (7 pts.)
That favorite shtick of magicians and moose alike, Conjuring lets a a character summon almost anything his or her little heart desires. All one has to do is reach into a hat, grab behind someone's ear, or chalk a pentagram into the earth, and make a successful shtick roll. The effect is similer to the Bag of Many Things, but there is no bag to lug around, and no size limit on what can be pulled from thin ear. ("Hey, Rock--what's that behind your ear? It's an elephant!") As with Bag of Many Things, any really important game items can never be produced.

Dramatic failures with the Conjuring shtick should be just that--dramatic. A character conjuring with a pentegram may pull up the Great Catchooloo, if he REALLY fails his roll!

Cosmetic Shift (4 pts.)
With a simple shtick roll, a character can use Cosmetic Shift to totally redecorate a room. What once was a gloomy dungeon becomes, abracadabra, a beauty salon! In just a few short seconds, a character can use Cosmetic Shift to completely change the appearance of any given room, no matter what materials are available for decoration. If anyone can see the character redecorating, they will not be fooled by the shift ("Wait! This isn't supposed to be Joe's All-Knight Diner!")

Explosive Body (4 pts.)
No player in his right mind would put Explosive Body in with his character's list of shticks. However, only horribly sane characters are in their right minds, so many a budding pyromaniac can--and does--pick up this power with his list of shticks and skills.

When a character uses Explosive Body, he has two options--he may try to explode just a little of himself, or may opt to blow himself entirely to Kingdom Come. If the former is selected, he suffers 1 die of Blowing Himself Up damage, while everyone within about 10 feet suffers 2 dice of explosive damage. If the character decides to thoroughly blow himself up, he will Fall Down, and everyone within about 40' will suffer 4 dice of Really Big Explosion damage. Note that if the character horribly fails his shtick roll, he may not have the option of only blowing up a hand or foot, and will probably incinerate himself completely.

Incredible Beauty (5 pts.)
This shtick is normally available only to female characters, unless a player can come up with a really funny reason for giving Incredible Beauty to a male (or neuter--like a very attractive Toyota) character. Against characters of the opposite sex, Incredible Beauty works as a low-grade Hypnosis--characters under the beautiful creature's influence will do almost anything to keep her happy. The infatuated character cannot be convinced that he is a birdie, and will not suddenly gain the ability to fly--no matter what the temptress tells him. If a character makes her Incredible Beauty roll, she can control any males in the immediate area. ("Oh, I would be SO happy if you would climb to the top of Gitchie Gitchie Goo Peak and fetch me a coconut palm...")

If a character using the Incredible Beauty shtick fails her shtick roll with a 12, she will probably be caught up in some horrible "Perils of Pauline" scenario--a villain might capture her and tie her to a train track, or some other nonsense will occur.

Lycanthropy (3 pts.)
"The old Gypsie woman bent over her crystal ball. She peered into the future and shook her head at her client, the now-cursed business executive, Mr. Harold Smith-smith. 'When the full moon rises, and when the wolvesbane blooms chartreuse, you shall have no peace, for you shall become...a moose!'"

Lycanthropy gives the character a whole new personality (and species) which he or she will only assume under the full moon (or under some other silly trigger). This new personality will be an animal if the character was previously a human, but if the character was an animal to begin with, almost any new form is possible. The character's lycanthropic identity--"were-form," as it is sometimes called--will have the same shticks as the original form, but will have new Skills and Hit Points.

Attract Monsters (4 pts.)
Whenever a character activates this shtick, he becomes a target for all monsters within about 400 miles! Fun! Any monster would rather attack the character using this power than--say--the juciest, most beautiful Fay Wrey known to man. Aliens, Werewolves, Werecows, Shlurping Horrors, Elderly Gods, Clamera & Co., and just about everything that anyone could ever think of as a monster will be able to home in on a character using Attract Monster. The monster might not want to eat the character--it could just want to be friends--but that's not as likely (or as fun--Animators enjoy this sort of thing).

If a character fails his Attract Monsters roll really badly, the shtick could activate itself at some really horrible time. That would be...unpleasant.

Short circuit (4 pts., or maybe 6 pts., or possibly only 2 pts.)
Is your character plagued by 'techies? Are you allergic to cybernetic implants? Tired and shagged out after trying to catch up with a runaway school bus? Fret no longer, for here is the shtick you've been crying out for! With merely a touch, anyone with Short circuit can give any mechanical/electrical device, from the simplest lever to the most complex computer, Total System Failure!

When a character successfully activates Short circuit and touches a device, roll on the Dramatic Malfunction chart. Zapped devices may be permanently broken or just mildly muddled, depending on the nature of the malfunction.

If a character spends two extra points to make Short Circuit usable on others, he can effectively put a curse on any creature, so that any machine they touch goes kablooey. Alternatively, if a character wants to spend less of his precious skill points, for only two points he buy Short Circuit, Always Active. The trick, then, will be to NOT blow up machinery, and a successful shtick roll will let the character touch a device without causing its destruction.

Verbal Boggle (5 pts.)
Verbal Boggle gives its recipiant amazing vocal powers. With a successful shtick roll and a high-pitched scream, a booring lecture or some horribly profane swearing, any (or all) listeners within 40' will be Boggled! This has no effect on characters who are stone deaf or have plugged their ears.

Dramatic Malfunction Table

11) Device drops dead--mourners, priests and a nun or two arrive to
conduct a funeral.
12) Device explodes!  All within 20' must Dodge (or use Incredible Luck)
or suffer one die of damage.
13) Device fires a strange ray at the next character to touch it,
turning that character into a pile of dust with eyes and making him Fall
Down. **
14) Device starts digging into the ground for 3 turns, at about 10' per
turn.  *
15) Device starts spitting really important parts of itself up into the
air--roll on the Things Falling From Sky table (TOON, page 201) to see
what hits the people nearest it.  *
16) Device works really fast and heats up for 1d turns.  All who touch it
suffer one die of Overheating Machinery damage.  *

21) Device becomes possessed by a Sinister Intelligence, and starts to
dance.  It'll stop in 1-6 turns.  *
22) Device becomes possessed by a Sinister Intelligence.  It will start
to break down whenever a certain character (or group of characters) uses
it, but will start working whenever anyone else uses it.  *
23) Device becomes possessed by a Sinister Intelligence, which falls
immediately, hopelessly in love with the next person to touch the
machine.  *
24) Device becomes possessed by a Sinister Intelligence, which will then
start its Campaign To Take Over The World.  *
25) Device becomes possessed by a Sinister Intelligence, and gets up to
hitchhike to Guam. (50% chance of it breaking down before it reaches the
door with its "Guam or Bust" sign.)  *
26) Device becomes posessed by a Sinister Intelligence, and will jump
onto any character who tries to come near it for 1 die of Being Jumped
On By Heavy Machinery damage.  (*, if anyone can get close enough!)

31) Device hums, and transforms itself into some totally different
machine. **
32) Device hums, and transforms itself into a heavily armed robot.
33) Device opens up a little compartment.  An arm reaches out and hits
a nearby character with a cream pie.  **
34) Device opens up a little compartment.  An arm reaches out, grabs a
nearby character, and pulls him into itself.  A little while later,
after the machine has made many loud noises, it spits out the character,
who has been flattened into a Character Pancake. **
35) Device falls apart, piece by piece, until it is just a big pile of
machine parts with a neon sign poking out saying "Eat At Joes!"
36) Machine grows an arm with a sign saying "ON STRIKE!  PLAYERS UNFAIR
TO HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES!"  The device won't work until a player
fast-talks it into being friendly again.

41) Device goes into a prolonged death scene.
42) Device loudly says that it will need six million years to perform
its next function, and won't work again until that amount of time has
passed. *
43) Device needs to be reprogrammed (whether or not it has programming.)
Only someone with the Wierd Science shtick can fix it.
44) Device grows pipe-organ pipes and starts playing calliope music. **
45) Device needs its diaper changed. **
46) Device sprouts a large cannon, which aims itself at anyone who comes
near it--it might fire (doing 2 die of Cannonball damage) if anyone who
gets too close. *

51) Device melts.
52) Device grows little antennae, legs, arms and a head.  It announces
that it is a robot from the planet Mars, and then vanishes in twinkling
53) Device collapses in on itself, and then sinks into the ground,
leaving only a bubbling pool of lava.
54) Device arms itself with a bomb that'll go off in about 30 seconds,
unless it is defused (Set Traps roll).  If the bomb explodes, it might
just grow a huge sign that says "BOOOOOOM!!!!!"  If not, it does 3 die
of damage.
55) Device dies.  A translucent version of itself, complete with wings
and a harp, slowly flies away.
56) Item suddenly decides that it is King (or Queen) of the Universe,
and won't co-operate unless it is treated as such.  **

61) Device chuckles quietly to itself whenever anyone gets near it.  **
62) Device becomes infested with herring.  Anything that is done to the
machine, with the machine, or on the machine will involve fish.
Everytime the machine is used, it spits out fish.  If it is a toaster,
refridgerator, oven or Mechanical Box, it will always have fish in it.
There is no way to excape from these fish--they are a part of the
machine's circuitry.  **
63) Device grows wings, a propeller or some such apparatus and
flies away.  *
64) Device ignores any creature who tries to use it unless that creature
says "Pretty please?"
65) Device begins to criticize any attempts to operate it.  **
66) Device won't work until it is oiled, and will complain about not
being oiled until it is fixed.
Effects marked with "*" can be repaired by anyone who makes a Disarm Traps roll. Machines with "**" effects aren't actually broken, and as such cannot ever be repaired. Effects without any such markings either cannot be remedied or require some special repair technique, listed with the effect description.

Random Ace Product/Random Machine Table

11) Toaster                         41) Television Set
12) Toaster Oven                    42) Salad Shooter (1 die damage)
13) Food/Character Dehydrator           (Hand-held, 1 die damage)
14) Insect Exterminator Robot       43) Home Security Robot
15) Video Game Set                  44) Auto-Bartender 3000
16) Catapult                        45) Shape-Change Machine
                                    46) Pocket Fire-Hose
21) Anti-aircraft Gun (Big!)
22) Lazer Gun (Also Big!)           51) Hair Re-designer
23) Vegetable Juicer                52) Bowling-Ball Thrower
24) Gift Wrapper                    53) "Mighty Marvel" grenade launcher
25) Candy Maker                     54) Rocket Backpack
26) Instamatic House Painter        55) Cat-Food Packaging Device
                                    56) Instant Character-Clothing Unit
31) Egg Launcher                        (Generates rediculous clothing)
32) Pancake Maker/Flipper
33) Person-Propelled Helicopter     61) Molecular Disintergrator
34) Refridgerator                   62) Moustaching-And-Graffiting
35) Character-To-Robot Converter        "Little Wonder" Vandalizer
36) Chicken Plucker/Clothing        63) Ornamental-Fountain-in-a-Box
    Removal Unit                    64) Ace Omni-Copy Holo-duplicator
                                        (Makes 3-D copies of ANYTHING)
                                    65) Ace Robo-Blender IV
                                    66) Mechanical Easter Egg Painter

Instant Chemistry Experiment Chart

The new substance is:
1) Transparent      2) Blue,     With...    2) Little bubbles
2) Translucent      3) Purple,              3) Big, explosive bubbles
3) Opaque           4) Red,                 4) Little glowing sparks
4) Irridescent      5) Orange,              5) A tendancy to float away
5) Phosphorescent   6) Yellow,              6) Little green squishy things
6) Sparkling        7) Green,               7) A violently explosive nature
                    8) Gold,                8) The ability to swirl and
                    9) Silver,                 splash without outside aid
                    10) White,              9) A huge head of foam
                    11) Black,              11) Two or three fish
                    12) Ecru,               12) The texture of Jell-O

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