Toon Tales – Cover


Toon Tales

Written by Robert "Doc" Cross with Mark S. Denman, Tony Lee, Matthew Porter, Tammey Reed, Curtis Whysong, and Tiffany Whysong
Edited by Steve Jackson and Jeff Koke * Cover art by Kyle Miller
Illustrated by Jim Groat and Kyle Miller

208 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 7605 * ISBN 1-55634-268-3
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Boggled Again!

Just when you thought it was safe to play something serious, Toon Tales jumps up and grabs you by the ankle. Yaaaaaahhhhhh! It's pulling you back into the crazy world of cartoons . . . where anything can happen, where fun is more important than rules, and everyone Falls Down but nobody ever dies.

Toon Tales includes three loony new Toon worlds:

  • Masters of Toon Fu! Ah, so, young one. You wish to learn mysteries of ancient East? Fine. Look over there. BOP! That is first lesson, young one. Never look over there. Ah, so!
  • Way-Out West! Saddle up your pardner, hoss . . . We gotta go tie up the schoolmarm, rescue the Injuns, and blow up the saloon. Or something like that.
  • Crime and Toonishment! Be a hard-boiled private eye, but don't get your brain scrambled by some fowl-talking chick, hatching sinister plots. Find out who's been feathering their nest for cheep thrills. A hundred bills is plenty of scratch, and the client will shell out big-time if you don't chicken out. That's a yolk, son.

Plus eleven wild new Toon adventures! They're far too silly to describe . . . so we won't. Just read them!

And, of course, there are new Shticks, more lunatic tables, and lots and lots of crazy Toon characters to drop into any adventure you want!

Don't just stand there . . . get your tale in gear! It's Toon Tales!


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