Names We Didn't Use

Before releasing Tribes, we ran a web contest to get suggestions for names. Not all the suggestions were completely serious. A few of the best:

From Bradley Beth:

From Mike McGarel:

From Anthony Salter:
Life, What A Beautiful Thing (If The Kids Don't Get Eaten)
Don't Feed The Hyenas
Ugg Love Trouble
Crossbreed Doctor Lucky
Bug Eyed Monsters Alpha: They Came To Get Our Women But Went Home Empty-Handed Because Cave Women Are UGLY!

From Jeffrey Kessler:
Stop Dragging My Kid Around
Birth or Consequences

From Jim Bryant:
Breeding & Feeding
(SJ note: This is a cleaned-up version of one of our in-house names, "Food and Sex," which is itself a cleaned-up version of a name that we not only couldn't use, but won't print here.)

From Michael Sarno:
Quest for Sire
It Takes a Village
It Takes a Village Idiot
Making Babies
Circle the Wagons, Once We Invent the Wheel

From Scott Haring:
Better Caves & Gardens
Social Contract: The First Draft

From David Simpson:
Tribal Pursuit
Axes & Allies

From Colin Clark:
Clan of the Day Care

From Shawn Metcalf:
Caveman: the Foraging
Look What Thag Do
Car Wars (not a very accurate title, but great name recognition)
Wooden Clubs and Iron Stomachs

From John Sanders:
Got Rocks?

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