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The menu bar allows you access to the various menus within GCA. The menu bar is shown below (the first row, above the toolbar buttons).

The various menus are:

File: Access to the various filing functions of GCA, such as opening and saving characters, printing, etc.

Edit: Currently disabled, since very little of what you do in GCA makes use of standard editing conventions.

View: Allows you to toggle view options for certain window features, such as the toolbar, and the character and window tabs. It also allows you to load a variety of other windows that let you work on certain aspects of the character that arenít handled by any of the various trait windows, such as campaign settings, notes, or loading a character portrait.

Needs: This special menu allows you to quickly run a prerequisite check against various types of traits on the character. While GCA is pretty good at checking for satisfied prerequisites as you work, there are a variety of cases where thatís not possible, so a handy way to verify that some items might still have unsatisfied needs is important.

Tools: Access to certain specialized tools within GCA, such as re-synchronizing a character with loaded data files, or validating the compliance of a characterís traits against the official data.

Windows: The standard menu to provide access to the various child windows, as well as offering ways to organize them. In addition, you can switch characters from here, and recall closed child windows.

Help: The help system, and various links to Internet resources.

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