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Skateboard Courier from Snow Crash

Total: (at beginning of book) 352 Points

Adapted by Michael Vassar (

Attributes (160pts instead of 140 because of age) (352pts)

ST 10
DX 17
IQ 11
HT 13

Advantages (206 points!!!)

Attractive, Alertness +2, Hearing +3, Animal Empathy, Charisma +3, Combat Reflexes, Cool, Daredevil, Acceleration Tolerance, Very Fit, Absolute Direction, High Pain Threshold, Peripheral Vision, Rapid Healing, Serendipity (30pts), Toughness (DR1), Imperial Storm Troopers?NEW(cinematic 30pts all missle attacks versus this character that are not preceded by an aim manuver or fired by a sharpshooter automatically miss)

Disadvantages (121 points)

Struggling, Status -2 Thrasher/Courier, Youth *3, Impulsiveness, Weirdness Magnet, Skinny, Dependent 50pt (loved one, almost all the time), Weak Will -1, Distractable, Secret (minor, if her mother knew how she spent her time she might end up dead broke), Edgy, Self centered, Duty: courier service, fairly often

Quirks (-5 points)

Always cals herself Y.T; Dislikes authority; Hates Feds; Thinks Hiro needs to spend less time online; Cutely rude

Skills (107 points)

Skateboard 22 (32), Fiber gun 21 (8), Acrobatics 18 (8), Jumping 20 (8), Guns 17 (free from fiber gun), Whip 17 (from from Fiber gun), Brawling 18 (2), Throwing 16 (2), Area Knowledge: Southern California 16 (10), Streetwise 13 (6), Acting 12 (4), Carousing 13 (2), Fast talk 12 (4), Holdout 15 (8), Climbing 16 (1), Escape 16 (2), Lockpicking 13 (6), Stealth 18(4), Shadowing 14 (from stealth-4)


Smartwheeled skateboard (highly souped up)
Fiber gun
Smart bag instantly inflatable armour
liquid knuckles (mace/pepper type weapon) strapped to hands uses
Courier clearance cards
Sonic Cone Weapon on skateboard (3d sonic damage 4 hex radius in front of board)


Y.T. is a 14 year old courier (i.e. skateboard messenger) who is astonishingly capable of taking out a room full of federal agents (mostly but not entirely desk types).

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