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Tabitha "Tabby" Kyle/Catgirl

IOU student

Total: ?? points
[Created by Melanie, given to me by Michael Hopcroft <>]

Green eyes, fair skin, black hair, 5'7", 129lb, 18 y.o.


ST 10
DX 14 (45 points)
IQ 13 (30 points)
HT 10


Combat Reflexes
Double Jointed
Night Vision


Academic Status -2
COH: Villain's
Delusion: she is the daughter of Catwoman and Batman
Lives on Campus
Pacifism: Cannot Kill
Trademark: Cat Silhouette

Quirks (-5 points):

Commits cat motif crimes
Wears her "Catgirl" costume while committing crimes
Wants to star in her own comic book
Wouldn't mind a hunky crimefighter trying to "reform" her
Doesn't handle failure well


Acrobatics 13
Acting 11
Animal Handling 11
Area Knowledge - Denver 12
Boating 12
Climbing 15
Disguise 11
Driving - Car 12
Electronic Operations - Security Systems 13
Escape 14
High Heels 13 [Walking in them? Using them in acrobatics? Fitting. --arcangel]
Hobby skill - Comic Books 14
Hobby skill - Cat Lore 13
Holdout 11
Judo 12
Karate 12
Lockpicking 13
Needlecraft 12
Pilot - Small Private Jet 12
Powerboat 12
Riding - Horse 12
Scuba 11
Skating 11
Skiing 11
Stealth 14
Streetwise 11
Swimming 13
Traps 11
Whip 13

Tabitha ("Tabby") Kyle is the perfect example of what your mother always said would happen to you if you read too many comic books; your brains would rot.

Tabitha had a normal middle class upbringing. She is the only child of accountant John Kyle and his wife Carol, and grew up in Denver, Colorado. Tabby was your average American teenage girl; beautiful, intelligent, a champion gymnast and an expert martial artist. She was also a major-league comic book fan. Tabby lived and breathed funny books, spending most of her allowance on her extensive collection. In particular, she was a huge fan of the feline felon, Catwoman.

When she was sixteen, Tabby went to a costume party dressed as Catwoman, in a costume she had made herself. It was the old purple slit sided skirt outfit which Tabby had always preferred to the more recent one piece bodysuit. On the way home, however, her car ran off the road and Tabby received a severe blow to the head. Like all dramatic blows to the head should, this unbalanced her mind. Tabby awoke convinced she realised the truth for the first time. She now believed that her mother must be Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, who - concerned for her daughter's safety - had sent her to live with distant relatives in Colorado. John and Carol Kyle had raised the girl as their own, keeping the truth from her. Of course, if her real mother was Catwoman, then there was only one man her father could be; Batman.

Tabitha decided it would be best to keep the fact that she now knew the "truth" from her "adoptive" parents, so she pretends that she still thinks that she is their natural daughter. However, Tabby also decided that it was destined that she should follow in her mother's footsteps. To this end she created her costumed alter ego, "Catgirl", and began a series of daring burglaries in Denver. She also had the bright idea of leaving behind a cut-out silhouette of a cat, so everyone would know these crimes were the work of the daring and elusive Catgirl.

After a year or so of this, Tabby started wondering why no costumed crimefighter had turned up to try and stop her. After all, what good was it being a sultry villianess if you didn't have a hunky crimefighter trying to stop you despite the underlying air of sexual tension between the two of you? Tabitha put this down to the lack of superheroes in Denver, conveniently ignoring the lack of superheroes in the world at large. Tabitha has also been puzzled by her inability to find Gotham City on any map of the USA.

Tabby decided to attend IOU because it's the one university that lets you study how to be a master criminal. She has told her parents that she'll be studying creative writing. Her parents hope this will provide a channel for her overactive imagination. In the meantime she maintains her dual identity as Tabitha Kyle, mild mannered university student, and Catgirl, elusive and alluring figure of the night.

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