How would each of the Angelic Choirs/Demonic Band from In Nomine play INWO?

Thanks to Alex Yeager for this one.

In honor of digest #666, here's my take on: How would each of the Angelic Choirs/Demonic Band from In Nomine play INWO?

Seraphim: They smile and say, "Look, just discard that I Lied card right now . . .
Cherubim: A handful of protection Plots, and they get twitchy every time an Upheaval is played.
Ofanim: "Is it my turn yet? Is it? Is it?"
Elohim: Never interferes with attacks, and you never get to savor "loser's dejection" when you beat them.
Malakim: A good player . . . until you double-cross him. Then, you get attacked for the rest of the game . . . and next game . . .
Kyriotates: You sit down to play - and suddenly it's two hours later and you've won.
Mercurians: Shows up with a deck after your regular group backs out. Always buys the first round.

Balseraphs: They double-cross, they play I Lied, and they NEVER total their attacks correctly.
Djinn: "Hey, go ahead and destroy New York. Hell, go ahead and blow up my China, too. See if I care . . . "
Calabim: Game takes six hours minimum, your perfectly tuned deck is in the absolute worst order, and the dice keep falling on the floor and shattering.
Habbalah: Always plays Servants of Cthulhu, and spend entire game attacking to destroy groups with one Power.
Lilim: "Here I am, with a Power Structure full of tokens, and your attack against that other guy is a four. Hmmm . . . "
Shedim: You sit down to play - and suddenly, a hazy two hours later, the game's over, you lost, and all your cards are bent.
Impudites: Nice enough player, but then you start rolling elevens and twelves . . . every roll . . .

God: Already has INWO Subgenius
Lucifer: Plays Magic: the Gathering

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