INWO Variant: The Resource Factory

I like Resources. Especially the strange, rarely used ones like X-Ray Specs and Power Satellite. Sadly there's never enough room for all the fun cards - so this is where the Resource Factory comes in.

Make a seperate deck of those Resources rarely used by your players. In my group's case it would include Xanadu, Earthquake Projector, The Frog God, Killer Satellite, Loch Ness Monster, Hallucinations and so on. It's also a good place to introduce a few homegrown Resources as well.

At the start of the game, reveal the top three Resources in the Factory.

On your turn, you may use your automatic takeover (or spend an Illuminati action) to play one of the Resources. You may not use a card ability (such as Evil Geniuses, Flying Saucer or Supernova).

If the Resource duplicates one already in play, discard it and draw another - the Resource Factory is only used for strange and offbeat Resources.

After a Resource has been brought into play, reveal the next card in the Factory. [Steve Hatherley]

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