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September 24, 2016: Ogre Map Creator

For those of you just bursting with creative forces to make your own Ogre and G.E.V. maps, tomc has just the thing for you. He has updated his OgreMap application and posted the link on the forums. It is incredibly intuitive! You just paint the hexes and 'Voila!' - new battlefields to fight across! I strongly encourage people to check it out.

Thank you tomc! Well done!

And just a reminder to check out "Dogpile". A new scenario will be coming up soon!

-- Drew Metzger

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Ogre News

Ogre and its sequel, G.E.V., are tactical ground combat games set in the late 21st century. In 2085 A.D., armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.

Ogre was Steve Jackson's first design. It was originally released in 1977, as the first Metagaming Microgame. Since then, it has appeared in Pocket Box and "Deluxe" large-board editions, as well as a miniatures version and a computer game from Origin Systems (now long out of print).

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