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Ogre Sixth Edition

Ogre and its sequel, G.E.V., are tactical ground combat games set in the late 21st century. In 2085 A.D., armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.

If you're new to Ogre, here's a bit of fiction that will serve as an introduction.

Ogre was Steve Jackson's first design. It was originally released in 1977, as the first Metagaming Microgame. Since then, it has appeared in Pocket Box and "Deluxe" large-board editions, as well as a miniatures version and a computer game from Origin Systems (now long out of print).

A companion game, G.E.V., added more rules and more units; Ogre and G.E.V. are fully compatible. A "sequel" in a different scale is Battlesuit, in which each piece represents an individual infantryman in combat armor.

The Ogre miniatures line is now available through Warehouse 23. From the collected sets of Deluxe Ogre and Deluxe G.E.V. to the individual figures, you'll find the right Ogre miniature for your game.

Once again the killing machines stalk the war-torn countryside as Paneuropean and Combine forces battle to the death. A new generation of gamers is learning what it means to face the Ogre . . .

Ogre News

December 20, 2013: Ogre Fan Scenario Contest Is Live!

Please see the full announcement here.

Happy designing and testing! We're pretty sure you'll amaze us with what you come up with!

-- Daniel

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Play out the battles of the Last War.

The Last War

A one-way ticket to the Front – an introduction to the world of Ogre.

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