Uncle Al's 2050 Catalog Supplement

Road Safety has always been the name of the game here at Uncle Al's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop, so it gives us a warm glow to see the military-industrial complex's R&D boys busy devising new "non-lethal" and "less lethal" weapons. And now that some of them have been declassified and available as military or police surplus, you can buy them from Al to enhance your driving pleasure!

Items marked (x) cannot be used in AADA-sanctioned tournaments. Items marked (:) are military equipment; their use is prohibited by the AADA, and their possession or acquisition may be punishable by law.


Blinding Lasers

Note: Laser weapons that are designed to intentionally blind opponents with unenhanced vision are prohibited by international law AND from AADA sanctioned events. All Uncle Al's lasers are certified 'eye-safe'! If you've mistakenly been issued a communications or targeting laser with the capacity to blind, Uncle Al will happily exchange it on production of a valid receipt.

(x) Blinding laser (BL) - To hit 3, no damage, drains 0 power units when fired. Any TL, MTL or Communications Laser can be modified from 'eye-safe' to blinding frequencies for an extra 10% to cost; no extra space or weight. Blinding lasers are only effective against opponents using Telescopic Optics, Binoculars, Telescopic Sights and Hi-Res Telescopic Sights, who will be temporarily blinded (at least in one eye). Cameras, Computer Gunners and Teleguided Missiles can also be blinded. On a 1, the opponent (or camera) is blinded for 1d seconds; on a 2-3, for 1d minutes; on a 4-5, for 1d hours; on a 6, blinding is lasting and must be surgically corrected.

While prohibited by the AADA because of their effect on cameras and binocular-equipped spectators, blinding lasers are popular with some military and police units as an anti-sniper measure.

Drag Chute Harpoon

If you want to make rabbit stew, you've got to catch your rabbit -- so police forces came up with a way of slowing down vehicles with a minimum of damage! This rocket-powered harpoon fastens a small drag chute to your target's tail; the faster he's going, the more it cramps his style. Uncle Al does not recommend this weapon for use against aircraft with high stall speeds!

(x) Drag Chute Harpoon (DCH) - To hit 9, $400 ($550 for flameproof model), 40 lbs, 1 space, 2 DP; 1 point damage, 1-shot weapon. Slows vehicles moving at above 150 mph by 60 mph/turn; vehicles moving at 100 to 150 mph by 40 mph/turn; vehicles moving at 40 to 100 mph by 20 mph/turn until speed is reduced to 40 mph. Adds D4 to any hazard or maneuver. Treat as a Drag Chute in other regards, except that it can't be re-used. Volatile weapon.

Radio-Controlled Drop-Spike Plate

Another popular method of slowing down high-speed chases: DSPs and LDSPs that retract their spikes, allowing other traffic to pass over them unharmed, until you see the target vehicle approaching and press a button and -- ouch!

Radio-controlled Drop-Spike Plate (RDSP or RLDSP) -- $400 ($700 for large size). Same weight, etc., as regular DSP or LDSP, but spikes may be retracted or extended as required by remote control. When spikes are retracted, treat as a Fake plate; when extended, does damage to tires as a regular plate.

Stickyfoam Dispensers

When Uncle Al saw the Lepage Glue Gun demonstrated a few years ago, he predicted that it'd change the face of autoduelling, and he's sticking to that prediction! It looks like regular foam when you lay it down, but sticks to tires (or boots) and roads like ultraglue!

Stickyfoam Sprayer (SfS) - $750, 25 lbs, 2 spaces, 3 DP; 25 shots ($30 and 2 lbs each). Loaded cost $1,500, loaded weight 75 lbs.; loaded magazine costs $800 and weighs 65 lbs. The sprayer mixes two binary chemicals to produce an instant 1" x 1/2" patch of stickyfoam. Any hazard suffered or maneuver performed on stickyfoam adds D4 to the difficulty; stickyfoam also does 1 point of damage to each tire and slows the vehicle down by 5 mph per 1/2" of stickyfoam crossed. Stickyfoam does not burn or melt, but its effects can be negated by Sand Ammo, Stickyfoam Neutraliser, or Superacid. Pedestrians entering a square with stickyfoam will be stuck fast until the foam biodegrades or is neutralised.

Stickyfoam Discharger (SfD) -- $75.

Uncle Al's 2050 Catalog Supplement


Biodegradable Munitions

Ever worry about what happens to that oil slick you left on the interstate? The delay-fuse bomb that didn't explode? The box of anti-personnel napalm mines you could've sworn you'd put away safely on the shelf in your garage? Now, with GreenWarTM biodegradable munitions, you can stop worrying, and take your lawyer off retainer!

Biodegradable Munitions -- Adds 20% to cost, reduces damage of unexploded munitions by 1 point for every 1d every week after use, eventually rendering munitions harmless. Biodegradable oil slicks and stickyfoam, +20% to cost, contain genetically engineered microorganisms which begin reproducing when exposed to air, eating away dropped liquid in 4d hours.

Slug Throwers

Silver Shroud Ammunition

Ever want to gift-wrap a car, or even a tank -- while it's on the road? Then Uncle Al has just what you need!

(x) Silver Shroud Ammunition -- Loaded in GLs, RRs, HRRs, ATGs, RFTGs and TGs. To hit 9; CPS $300, WPS same. Wraps any vehicle of up to 40 spaces in an adhesive aluminium polymer film, totally obscuring vision (-10 visibility penalty), creating a D2 hazard, and preventing turrets, cupolas, sponsons, etc, from rotating. Most weapons can be fired through film; weapons with a fire modifier may set the film alight, burning it away in 2 turns and doing 2 points of damage to the armor on each side. Body blades or cycle blades will reduce a film to tatters in 1d+1 turns.


Chemical Laser Grenade

Want a laser, but thought you couldn't afford one? Guess again! With 40mm Battlefield Optical Munitions, you can turn your Grenade Launcher into a pulsed laser weapon and really light up somebody's life! Warning -- emits toxic vapor. Uncle Al recommends wearing body armor and a gas mask if firing laser grenades from hand-held launchers.

Chemical Laser Grenades -- To Hit 7, CPS $200, 4 lbs per grenade; 1d+1 damage. Must be fired from GL or URGL; can NOT be thrown. No area effect, and cannot guide laser-guided munitions. Grenade (dye rod, explosive, gas and reflectors) is vaporised on firing; on a 1-2, vapor is blown back at firer, doing 2 points of damage (1 point if wearing a gas mask).

Det-Cord Net Grenade

Just the thing for that fishing trip you've been planning -- an 8' diameter net, laced with explosive cord, packed into a 40mm grenade casing! Good for point defense, clearing minefields, or use against boats. Also available in non-explosive anti-personnel and dolphin-friendly biodegradable versions. (Sorry, no TDX. Maybe next year.)

Det-Cord Net Grenade - $200; with impact fuse, +$50. Clears a 1/2" square of mines, spikes, or ice; ignites dropped oil; triggers any pressure capsules (see below). Can be used to intercept incoming missiles, at half the normal penalty to hit (-3 from target vehicle, -5 from everyone else). Used as a concussion grenade against pedestrians and exposed cyclists, burst radius is reduced to 1/2".

Non-explosive Net Grenade -- $100. Pedestrians, swimmers and exposed cyclists hit by non-explosive net grenades take 1d-5 damage. Pedestrians or swimmers must then roll a 7 or more on 2 dice to remain standing/swimming, and an 11 or more to escape from the net, use a weapon, or move at any speed faster than a crawl. Being hit by a non-explosive net creates a D2 hazard for exposed cyclists. A knife, bowie knife or bayonet adds +2 to any attempt to escape from a net.

Both Explosive Cord and Non-explosive nets float on water, and can foul a mini to medium propeller or equivalent jet drive. A boat crossing a net counter will become fouled on a roll of 1-2, causing that propeller/drive to stop after 1d+1 turns. Biodegradable nets, +20% to cost, dissolve after 2d hours in water.

High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) Grenades

$90 (includes impact trigger; +$20 for AGL grenades). For GL, AGL or URGL; cannot be thrown. 2d damage, 0" burst radius; acts like HESH Warhead.

Dropped Solids

Catalytic Spike

Catalytic depolymerization is a great way of getting rid of unsightly old tires with a small amount of chemicals -- especially now, when you can do it while those tires are still on your opponent's car! A special surprise from the dirty tricks boys at R&D!

Catalytic Spikes -- $60 and 5 lbs each. Look just like regular spikes and are loaded in a regular spikedropper. A loaded magazine costs $650 and weighs 65 lbs. Does 1d damage to tires, no damage to solids, like regular spikes - but injects a chemical that continues to dissolve the rubber, doing 1 point of damage every second turn, even to solid tires, until the tire disintegrates completely. Plasticore tires will take 4 points of damage before being reduced to bare plastic; damage will then stop.

Crystal Spike

No see 'em, no avoid 'em!

Crystal Spikes -- $30 and 4 lbs each. Do damage just like regular spikes and are loaded in a regular spikedropper. A loaded magazine costs $350 and weighs 45 lbs. Made of transparent plastic, Crystal Spikes can be seen on a roll of 1 at 6" distance, on a 1-2 at 5", on a 1-3 at 4", and so on; Visibility Targeting Modifiers apply. Not available in Catalytic, Explosive or Incendiary versions.

Programmable Mines

Want smarter mines to cut down on those embarrassing friendly fire incidents? Want to deny an area to trucks or tanks without toasting your biker buddies? Well, these babies can be pre-programmed to ignore any vehicle below a certain weight, from 50 lbs to 50 tons.

Programmable Mines -- all mines except Spider Mines can be made programmable at 2x normal cost. The weight must be programmed before the mines are loaded. Programmable mines can be mixed with other mine loads in a magazine. Cannot be Radio Detonated or use Proximity Fuses.

Other Dropped Weapons

Pyrophoric Oil

Looks just like a regular oil slick -- but when someone drives onto it, it ignites! Come on baby, light my fire! Available in anti-personnel and anti-vehicle versions.

Pyrophoric Oil -- Any standard oil jet or discharger can drop Pyrophoric Oil. CPS 5x normal, WPS normal. Pyrophoric oil won't burst into flame until the pressure-sensitive microbeads inside are crushed, causing a chemical reaction (50 lbs to trigger anti-personnel version, 300 lbs to trigger anti-vehicle version) that ignites the slick. Damage and other effects as a Flaming Oil Jet. Volatile weapon.

Superacid Cloud

A corrosive gas custom-engineered to military specifications, Superacid has been prohibited by the AADA.

(:) Superacid Cloud -- Loaded in TXGs and HDTXGs, cost and weight same. As with toxin gas, binary chemicals are combined and form a cloud that disperses after 5 turns. This cloud looks like a paint cloud and blocks fire in the same way, but does 1d damage to pedestrians and exposed cyclists that touch or pass through the cloud. A superacid cloud will also etch car windows and camera lenses, permanently giving a -2 visibility penalty, and corrode air filters, opening the vehicle to other forms of gas attack. If a vehicle spends two or more phases exposed to a superacid cloud, the acid will destroy items with less than 1 DP fitted outside the vehicle's armor (such as Dischargers, Laser-reactive webs, Camouflage netting, and Laser Communications Targets); each tire inside the cloud will also take 1/2d of damage. A second exposure to a superacid cloud will do 1/2d of damage to the driver, gunner, any passenger, and every unarmored internal or external component, as well as a further 1/2d to the tires.

Uncle Al's 2050 Catalog Supplement



Incoming! Ahh, don't worry about it. BirdcatcherTM automatic point-defense software for the ATAD or Computer Gunner will swat those pesky missiles, leaving you free to keep your eyes on the road and your finger on the trigger!

(x) Birdcatcher -- $1000, no weight or space. Destroyed when the Power Plant is destroyed. Uses existing sensors to detect and target any incoming missiles. Must be linked to a turret weapon or group of weapons to provide line of fire on every side ($50 per link). Can also be linked to chaff or hot smoke dispensers, bollixes, radar jammers, etc., but cannot distinguish between missile types.

Stickyfoam Neutraliser

Another triumph of catalytic depolymerization technology: safe for tires, but unsticks stickyfoam. Also makes a great paint stripper!

Stickyfoam Neutraliser -- Loaded in any paint-using weapon, CPS 5x normal, weight same. Like paint, it forms a cloud that lasts for 1 turn. Sprayed on an area of stickyfoam, it turns it into a harmless liquid; sprayed on anything hit with defensive or glow-in-the-dark paint, it dissolves the paint in one turn.


Airbag Restraints

Want to restrain unruly prisoners? Want to stop that fare turning into a carjacker? Or just keep the kids from asking "Are we there yet?" for the rest of the trip? Inflate these toughened police-issue airbags, and enjoy the peace!

Airbag restraints -- $200 and 10 lbs each, no space. Fitted to passenger seats, can be inflated to prevent passengers from moving, talking, or taking actions. Reusable unless damaged; firing action to inflate or deflate. Deflating takes 2 turns; can be deflated by most weapons that can damage tires (1 DP), but all attacks while restrained are at -10. While airbag is inflated, passenger also receives protection from collision and roll damage; reduce damage by 1/4 (round up).

Voice Controls

Got your hands full? No problemo! With this software for your vehicular computer, and a few inexpensive peripherals, you CAN do two things at once!

Voice Controls -- Software for Autopilot or Vehicular Computer. $200, no weight or space, 0 DP; destroyed when the computer is destroyed. Gives driver, gunner OR passenger (responds to one voice only) voice control over up to 10 accessories with simple commands ('on' or 'off', for devices such as Bollixes; 'up' or 'down' for pop-up turrets; 'blow' for ejection seats or airbag restraints), enabling the user to perform two firing actions simultaneously. Starshell Launchers, Dropped Weapons and Dischargers can also be linked to Voice Control at $50 per link. Cannot be used for weapons that need to be aimed, or to drive car (though it can be used to activate Autopilot).


Portable Stickyfoam Sprayer

Don't get stuck without one of these! $1000 buys you both tanks, the sprayer, and enough foam to cover 500 square feet.

Portable Stickyfoam Sprayer (PSfS)-- To hit 6, $700, 5 GE, 2 DP, 10 shots, CPS $30. When carried as cargo it takes up 1 space, and weighs 70 lbs. loaded and 50 lbs empty. When fired, the PSfS creates a standard stickyfoam patch 1" by 1/2". A pedestrian carrying a PSfS moves only half as fast as other pedestrians. Should the wearer be hit, roll 1d; on a 1-2, the PSfS is hit. One point of damage ruptures one of the binary chemical tanks, making the PSfS useless; two or more ruptures both, creating a 1" square patch of stickyfoam with the wearer stuck in the centre.


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Article publication date: April 28, 2000

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