Appendix Z: Virtue & Vice Table for In Nomine

by Steven Marsh

In In Nomine, the Malakim are able to determine the most noble and ignoble deeds of people they come in contact with, as well as their greatest virtues and worst sins. Unfortunately, the existence of such an ability encourages its use, much to the dismay of the poor GM who has to come up with interesting virtues and sins on the spot. The Liber Servitorum has some sample virtues and vices, with the number of NPCs your average Malakim is liable to run across (and over), that list runs out quickly.

Here, then, is a table which allows for the quasi-creation of noble and ignoble deeds. Regrettably it uses the d6666 system; if you wanted to pare it down to d666, you can delete one of the columns ("Location" is a logical choice, but choose whichever one you're most comfortable with making up). Assign each die a column, and keep track of the results; then, using the results, weave those elements into a virtue or vice.


Person affected
(if appropriate)

(if appropriate)

(if appropriate)


  1. Honesty
  2. Compassion
  3. Determination
  4. Justice
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Courage


  1. Deceit
  2. Cruelty
  3. Sloth
  4. Injustice (animosity)
  5. Want (greed, gluttony, lust)
  6. Cowardice

The lower the roll, the closer the person affected is to the person.
For example,

  1. family (or self, if appropriate)
  2. family
  3. friend
  4. acquaintance
  5. stranger
  6. enemy

The lower the roll, the closer the location is to the person.
For example,

  1. home (or self, if appropriate)
  2. home
  3. work
  4. neighborhood
  5. state
  6. nation (or greater)

The lower the roll, the less intense the virtue/vice.
For example,

  1. trivial
  2. minor
  3. significant
  4. memorable
  5. major
  6. monumental

Example Rolls



Things to Remember

This chart should also be useful in any other systems that require the generation of instant motivation, like Vampire: The Dark Age's Daimoinon or Auspex, Fading Suns's Psi and Theurgy powers, or Mage or GURPS Psionics abilities.

* * *

This chart was inspired and influenced by the Ultima series of computer games.

Article publication date: April 28, 2000

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