Pyramid Pick: Slavers

Pyramid Pick

Slavers (for AD&D)

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Sean K Reynolds & Chris Pramas

128 pages, $18.95

One of my fondest role-playing memories is playing the original AD&D Slavelords series of modules (A1-A4) with my brother as DM. It was during this campaign that my all-time favorite character, a Halfling thief named Joshua Lyracon, came into his own. With that campaign still in my memory (and the original modules safely "borrowed" from my brother and in my bookshelf), I was thrilled when I recently went to my comic book store and found one of TSR's new releases: Slavers.

Strangely enough, Slavers in not part of TSR's Silver Anniversary Return to . . . line, even though the Slavelords series, originally published in 1980-81, certainly satisfies their criteria of being part of the shared history of many long-time D&D players. It is, however, better than the aforementioned "nostalgia" products that I have seen.

Slavers is a World of Greyhawk campaign adventure for 4th to 5th level characters, although adjusting the difficulty level requires little additional work. As with TSR's other nostalgia products, Slavers is fully self-contained; familiarity with the old modules is not necessary to fully enjoy or utilize Slavers. However, the new adventure is full of references to the originals, including locations, events and NPCs, making it a lot more enjoyable for fans of the classic modules.

Slavers is set ten years after the Slavelords' . . .

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Article publication date: May 12, 2000

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