Pyramid Review: Into the Dragon's Lair (for D&D 3rd Ed)

Pyramid Review

Into the Dragon's Lair (for D&D 3rd Ed)

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Sean K. Reynolds and Steve Miller

96 b&w pages; $17.95

The first post-3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for the Forgotten Realms isn't an introductory adventure, but a scenario for four 10th level characters. This adventure shows how Cormyrm, a country renown for its Purple Dragon soldiers and War Wizards, carries on after the novels The High Road and The Death of A Dragon. In short, a babe is destined for the throne which throws the country into chaos as nobles and merchants consolidate their power.

The adventure starts with a section detailing the background of the adventure, but the story begins with the characters meeting Lady Kestrel of Arabel. She seeks their aid in recovering the wealth of the dragon that killed the king. A few other suggestions are given for getting the players on the dragon hunt, and a few methods are listed for players who don't have to travel overland (such as by flying), but for the most part it's a standard hunt for treasure.

While sounding simple, during the course of the adventure, the players must deal with not one, but two rival groups of adventurers. The Freedom Warriors, a self righteous group lead by Hyraken (a deluded but powerful warrior), and Mahrlee's Raiders, a group lead by a powerful female who has a very special secret. In addition to rivals, the party is pitted against tax collectors (both those working . . .

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Article publication date: November 10, 2000

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