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It is the year 2091 and something has gone terribly wrong. Suddenly all communication has ceased from the Inner Circle of the Body, the mysterious organization that you work for, and now without their leadership you are forced to defend yourself from the other members of the outer circle of the Body. Fortunately, you have many resources to draw upon.

This is the world of ChronX, the world's premiere Internet collectible card game. Here you will find that all is not as it seems. The goal is a familiar one -- "go forth and destroy thy enemy" -- however, in ChronX there is one slight problem. Before you can even think about calling an Air Cavalry strike you have to find your opponent. ChronX is played on various maps, including The World, Europe, Asia, and America. Both you and your opponent must agree to a map before the game starts. Each, map has a number of major cities (New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, etc.), one of which is your HQ. your opponent's HQ is also on the map -- somewhere. You must find and destroy it before your opponent finds and destroys yours.

To accomplish these goals you have access to assets (or people). Stats for the assets include Hit Points, Firepower, Armor, Stealth, Perception, and Cyber Affinity. The first three should be fairly obvious -- how much damage an asset can take before a trip to the body bank, how much damage it can dish out, and how much resistance . . .

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Article publication date: July 10, 1998

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