Pyramid Pick: The Forge Of Fury (for D&D)

Pyramid Pick

The Forge Of Fury (for D&D)

Written By Richard Baker

Published by Wizards Of The Coast

32 pages; $9.95

The second adventure in a series of core adventures, The Forge Of Fury does not directly follow The Sunless Citadel. Instead, The Forge Of Fury embarks players with characters of 3rd level on a new mission, with new twists to get them involved.

The Forge Of Fury is an old dwarven stronghold, Khundrukar, that was overrun by orcs years ago. The players have various methods of hearing about the stronghold, ranging from being hired to retrieve dwarvenworks to finding a map in a previous adventure. The first few pages are very good at walking new Dungeon Masters through the steps needed to properly prepare for the adventure. I guess my main question would be, "Why?" This isn't an introductory adventure, nor is it an adventure for 1st level characters. Like the Sunless Citadel, the main focus is on the adventure. While there is a town nearby the ruins of Khundrukar, there are no maps for it, and the details are minimal. Still, this doesn't impact the adventure at all.

The ruins of Khundrukar are vast. In a mere 32 pages, Richard Baker manages to throw in four levels of different monsters. Even more impressive is that these levels aren't small ten-room layouts. Each level is named, and has its own personality.

The first level, where the players will start off, is The Mountain Door. Here the players will pit their strength against orcs . . .

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