Pyramid Review: Abomination Codex (for WitchCraft RPG)

Pyramid Review

Abomination Codex (for WitchCraft RPG)

Published by Eden Studios

Written by CJ Carella

176 pages; $20.00

The Abomination Codex is the latest release from Eden Studios for the WitchCraft game. WitchCraft is the game of modern horror developed by CJ Carella, and it uses the Unisystem. This makes it compatible with Armageddon and All Flesh Must Be Eaten. This latest book offers new Character Types, new Associations, new Metaphysics, and a whole lot of different spirits to use in a WitchCraft campaign.

Since this is a game of modern horror, it has to contain vignettes to open each chapter. (I think that it's an amendment to the Constitution for which White Wolf lobbied.) All of the short fiction pieces are pretty good, my favorites among them would be the openings to Chapter Three (where a group of racists get punished for their crimes by a shape-shifting Feral) and Chapter Four (Which has an Immortal finally tracking down her adversary after sixty years only to watch him get assassinated by a Templar before she has a chance to kill him herself. Irony is always good in the modern horror genre).

After the introductions in Chapter One, Chapter Two presents some new rules and secret groups. A new Character Type is presented: the Lesser Supernatural. This is the type used to build a Feral Character. The new Associations are also summarized. The favorite secret society of conspiracy theorists everywhere is here, the Knights Templar. It would . . .

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Article publication date: January 19, 2001

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