Champions of the Mist

By William W. Connors
64 b&w pages

For many years, Ravenloft has been a setting that characters came to from another campaign and adventured in only briefly. With the release of the hardcover Domains of Dread, TSR made it a place where characters can start off in the demi-realm with their own classes and secret societies. The Champions of the Mists book furthers that effort by providing notes on how the various character classes interact with Ravenloft, new kits, and a whole slew of NPCs from various sources of TSR's fiction line, as well as past gaming modules and editions of Ravenloft.

The book opens with a brief introduction of the Champions of the Mists. It does this by giving a quotation such as "The edge cuts and the sword has the credit; the soldiers fight and the general has the fame," and then goes into the various classes of Champion. That quote, for example, is the one prefacing the Warrior Champions' section. While all four core classes are covered, warrior, wizard, cleric, and thief, the book does not cover the new classes found in the Domains of Dread, nor the optional classes within the Player's Handbook. Not a great difficulty if one uses the ideas here and applies them in a slightly different manner to the class in question. Most of the notes for a warrior can apply to a paladin or even a ranger with little tinkering.

The next section is titled "The Crucible" and it is a listing of new kits that are specific . . .

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