Pyramid Pick: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (for Dungeons & Dragons)

Pyramid Pick

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (for Dungeons & Dragons)

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Greenwood, Reynolds, Williams, and Heinsoo

320 color pages, $39.95

It's impossible to cover every aspect of the new Forgotten Realms book in one review. For those who are unaware of what the Forgotten Realms setting is, it's high fantasy with powerful spellcasters and magnificent dragons. It's a vast land with knights, barbarians, horse archers, and just about any other type of fantasy archetype you can name.

For those who want gaming details, here are some of the highlights.

Player Races

Gray Dwarf: Duergar
Wild Elves (Slight modification to standard package)
Moon Elves (Standard)
Sun Elves (the old Gray Elves from 2nd Edition)
Wood Elves
Deep Gnomes: Svirfneblin
Rock Gnomes (Standard)
Half Elves
Half Orcs
Ghostwise Halflings
Strongheart Halflings
Lightfoot Halfings (Standard)
      Aasimar: Celestial
      Genasi: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
      Tiefling: Fiendish

Each race has personality information, as well as what region they hail from, what racial abilities they possess, and what level adjustment they suffer for their power. The level adjustment factor is crucial for many of these new player races, like Drow who have a +2 level modifier, or Svirfneblin, who are so powerful they have a +3 level modifier. This level modifier counts towards their encounter level for purposes of how much experience . . .

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