Pyramid Review: Marvel Recharge CCG

Pyramid Review

Marvel Recharge CCG

Published by Marvel Entertainment Group Inc.

Designed by Bill Jemas

Starter Deck: 52 cards, 20 counter chips, rulebook, $7.99; Booster Pack: 8 cards, $1.49

First, there was Overpower, and it was good. Well, no it wasn't, but it was one of very few superhero collectible card games released during the CCG-crazed 90s so we played it anyway. While Overpower featured characters from many comic universes, such as DC and Marvel, it was plagued by uneven art, unbalanced expansions, and less-than-stellar support. By the end of last century it had floundered and further development for it was scrapped.

The new century begins with a new superhero collectible card game called Marvel Recharge. Unlike Overpower, it contains characters from only the Marvel Universe, features great art, contains simple rules, and has a theme that hangs looser than a hoop skirt on a fashion model.

Since this is a CCG, the complete Recharge card set contains 250 cards of varying rarity. Some cards are foil cards, and rare cards are often more powerful than the common cards. In the tournament version of the game, however, a deck may contain only one copy of each card. Thus the advantage of spending vast amounts of money on the game is mitigated.

In Recharge, each player has a deck of Hero cards, Power cards, and Teamwork cards. Each card has a point value that determines its strength in a fight. Cards also have a color border on their right and left sides. This determines which . . .

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Article publication date: April 19, 2002

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