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Bastion of Broken Souls

Bastion of Broken Souls

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Bruce R. Cordell

Illustrated by Jeff Easley (cover) and David Roach (interior)

48-page b&w softcover; $9.95

Bastion of Broken Souls opens with an attack upon the party as they go about their everyday business. This isn't just any old kind of attack, considering that the characters are 18th level and the attacker is a nine-foot-tall, six-armed fiend with the lower body of a snake and the upper of a nude woman, wielding multiple loops of animated barbed chain. The fact that the attack comes out of nowhere and seemingly without reason should grab the attention of the players and create all sorts of questions they will definitely want answered. . . .

This scenario for the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition game is written essentially to do three things. First, as a stand-alone adventure, it is designed to slip into any fantasy campaign; to facilitate this, none of the adventure's locations are world-specific, and many could be located on planes other than that of the party's home plane. With that in mind, the Manual of the Planes sourcebook might be of use in running Bastion of Broken Souls, but is not necessary. Second, if the party successfully completes the adventure they should have gained enough experience to advance beyond 20th level, and thus be suited to campaigns run using another sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast, the Epic Level Handbook. Third, and probably most importantly, it is meant to provide a challenge . . .

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