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Munchkin Feats You Couldn't Possibly Imagine

Or, Feats for the Professional and Semi-Professional Gamer

by Steven E. Ehrbar

Since all the feats you can possibly imagine were published by a week or so after you got the Munchkin PHB, you may think you don't need any more. You're wrong. You need these feats -- the feats you couldn't possibly imagine somebody would actually print!

And that, of course, is where an editor who has already printed game statistics for Santa Claus and lawn gnomes come in . . .

Bladedancer [General]

You are one cool elf with a sword.

Prerequisites: Sword-Fu, being an elf

Benefit: You can cast spells with somatic components with a sword in one hand, and get a Dodge bonus to armor class equal to half your base attack bonus while doing so.

Normal: I don't care how pointy your ears are, you have to put down the sword to hurl your fireball. You certainly don't get an AC bonus for hanging on to it.

Chosen of Some God or Another [General]

Major bennies for no particular reason.

Benefit:You have access to the Munchkin domain as if you were a cleric of your total character level.

Normal:Your characters only get major, earthshaking powers for no sensible reason if you created or wrote a major original modification or expansion to the game world.

Decanter of Endless Soda [General]

Bribe your fellow gamers into being your allies.

Benefit: If you brought at least one liter of soda for each fellow gamer to the game, then for the duration of the session the other PCs act as if they . . .

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