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This article originally appeared in Pyramid #11

The Hotel Fuentes

by Fred Van Lente

Built in 1745 as a spa for European gentry visiting America, the Hotel Fuentes (pronounced FWEN-tays) remains legendary for the therapeutic tranquillity of its grounds. It's not hard to see why: this four-story Spanish hacienda boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool, a kitchen staff of internationally-trained chefs, and a sprawling floral garden complete with winding paths and miniature waterfalls. The resort has been in the family of current owner and manager Jorge Recuerdo for centuries, and he tells us that people still flock to the Fuentes to sample its fabled curative powers. Modern-day tourists should also find its prices — $135 a night for a multi-room suite, $70 a night for a single room, each decorated with facsimiles of 17th-century Spanish furniture — to be much-needed medicine for their wallets . . .
— from The 100 Best Hotels and Resorts in Florida, 1994 ed.

Guests of the Hotel Fuentes will find that reports of its curative powers have not been exaggerated. After spending more than 12 hours on its grounds, visitors will heal from wounds at the rate of five HT points daily, as if they had the Rapid Healing advantage. The ill gain renewed strength, making all HT rolls to recover from disease at +2. The serenity of the Fuentes bolsters the psyche as well as the body: characters make Will rolls at +2 to resist their mental disadvantages while staying at the hotel.

Extraordinary individuals may be disturbed by other aspects of the hotel, . . .

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Article publication date: January 1, 1995

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