Campaign in a Box

Situation Conspiracy

by David Morgan-Mar

Genre: S.C. (Secret Conspiracy/Situation Comedy)
Style: Televisual (Small Screen Cinematic)
Fidelity: Amazingly low. No, lower. Keep going. That's it.
Themes: Aliens, Cabal, Comedy, Conspiracy, Cosmic Horror, Faerie, Science Fiction, Undead

Campaign Setting and Background Information

Maple Street is a normal-looking cul-de-sac in an attractive middle class suburban neighborhood, containing just eight homes. The neighbors all get along well, and there never seem to be any disturbances of note. But visitors to Maple Street get an odd feeling about the place. Something there is just not quite right. Strange things can be seen out of the corner of the eye. Time sometimes unaccountably seems to go missing. Acquaintances of the residents drop in for a visit, and leave unable to remember anything that has happened.

What Everybody Knows

It's the 1970s. The world is just like ours was back then. The residents of Maple Street are all average citizens. There's nothing to see here, no indeed.

What Everybody Doesn't Know

Middle America is about to become the front in a battle between advance forces representing several different supernatural, otherworldly, and ultraterrestrial factions. Strangely, coincidentally, almost comically, they have all chosen Maple Street as a safe, inconspicuous location for their bases.

The Residents

1 Maple St. -- Darren and Samantha Stubbins: Darren is an advertising executive. Samantha is a witch, one of a powerful cabal of magic-wielding . . .

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