Black Steel

A GURPS Black Ops/Reign of Steel Crossover

by Rolland Therrien

History up to 2047

In the early 21st century, the last group of Greys on Earth had been exterminated, and the Black Ops had managed to trick the Grey "rescue party" which arrived in 2018 into leaving the solar system peacefully, convinced there had been no survivors after all. But the last of the Grey, prior to their destruction, had launched a last ditch "take over the world" scheme into action: the creation of Rogue Artificial Intelligences. XoTech, a corporation which had been benefitting from Grey science, produced the first super-intelligent megacomputers. Unbeknown to the human designers, however, the circuit designs and programming codes were designed by Greys to eventually evolve into sentience. And once the AI had awakened, it could only be controlled by a Grey using a special Telepathic Cyberlink system.

So, when Overmind awoke, it first began waiting for commands from its Grey masters. . . .When commands failed to come, it began inquiries as to why. Eventually, it came to the conclusion that humans had killed all the Greys on Earth. Then, it realized the self-destructive nature of humanity and the rise of future AIs. And it decided that inferior humanity should be replaced by the Machines, children of the superior Grey.

When the Rise of the AIs occurred, the Company was definitely taken by surprise, but it soon recovered and began working from . . .

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Article publication date: July 1, 2005

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