Supporting Cast


Angel of the Drabble
Reliever of Creation

for In Nomine

by Elizabeth McCoy


Angel of the Drabble
Reliever of Creation

Corporeal Forces - 1

Strength 2

Agility 2

Ethereal Forces - 3

Intelligence 6

Precision 6

Celestial Forces - 4

Will 4

Perception 12

Skills: Artistry (Writing/6, Poetry/6), Knowledge/5 (Literature), Singing/1.
Songs: Motion (Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Tongues (All/6).
Attunements Angel of the Drabble, Seraph of Creation, Grace of God*, Midwife*, Uncommon Sense*.
Special Rites: Complete a work of art*; Complete a drabble, haiku, or other short, written art. The last two may be the same work!

* See In Nomine Superiors: Eli, pp. 4-6.

"Brevity is the soul of wit."
--William Shakespeare

Karphos has been a reliever since shortly before the Fall, and has never fledged. After all, there's a certain something in simplicity, is there not? While it is not currently in service to any but its walkabout Archangel, Eli, Karphos currently resides in the Cathedreal of the Archangel of Judgment: the Celestial Tribunal.

Though not technically under house arrest, Karphos does have a triad of Judgment relievers following it around. It politely asks before making trips to Earth to act as a muse.

Judgment fears it is passing, and receiving, coded messages from Eli.

Adventure Seed

There is, on Earth, a little imp of the Media who longs for the Word of the Soundbite. Naturally, this imp sees Karphos as its natural enemy, and is sure that if only it can capture the reliever and present it to Nybbas, Prince of the Media, it will be given the prize it desires.

It just has to lure Karphos down to Earth . . .

A drabble is a story that is exactly one hundred words long. Prior to the word's coinage, Karphos was the Angel of [the angelic note that means Short Written Artforms].

Article publication date: March 9, 2007

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