Pyramid Mini-Review

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Tiles 3: Hidden Crypts

Published by Wizards of the Coast

48 tiles (two 810 (stable & mausoleum/crypt), two 44 (bone ziggurat & hidden tomb), four 44 with corners clipped (two empty tombs & two staircases), two 28 (stairway & empty crypt), 12 24 (three hardwood floors, glowing green pit, double doors, three empty crypts, massive stone doors, archway, & two darkness), six 22 (crevasse/floor cage, illuminated coffin, demon brazier, stairs, clawed fountain, & hole-lined floor), four 22 with clipped corners (two statuary & two darkness), two 14 (one darkness & one stairway), eight 12 (five doors, two sarcophagi, & rack; two coffins on back side), six 11 (two darkness, two upright coffins, door, & iron maiden; pile of bones on back side)); full color, mounted; $9.95

Quick-use maps continue to flood the RPG market, and thankfully Wizards of the Coast keeps up a regular supply of their quality tile sets. To coincide with their miniatures accessory The Unhallowed, the third set in the line is called Hidden Crypts.

As that might suggest, you now have a virtual necropolis at your disposal. You won't be building vast cemeteries with the selection (they're "hidden," remember?), but you've got enough to fill an entire dungeon with undead haunts. There are bones, sure, but the artists don't let that carry the whole product. You get coffins and tombs, some without their occupants (the GM determines . . .

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Article publication date: March 9, 2007

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