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Gentleman Johnson's Fish Mart

A GURPS Goblins Adventure
by Ed Wisniowski

London has many boweries and neighborhoods. In any of them an aspiring goblin can find an opportunity to succeed. This adventure is for beginning goblins as they make their first efforts to find wealth and happiness, or at least escape the Gutter, in Rigg Quarter.

Rigg Quarter

Just over the Waterloo bridge in the unfashionable section of London's east end is Rigg Quarter. The quarter is a mixed community covering about two square blocks and facing northward toward the Thames river. The people of the quarter always hope for a way to cross over the bridge, but the harsh realities of goblin life get in the way. The primary population of the quarter are marines from his majesty's artillery regiment, with Proles littering the streets. This is the obvious handy work of the troops and their presence. The economy revolves around three individuals.

Gentleman Johnson, who runs a fish mart catering to the leisured gentlefolk and aristocracy across the bridge, is the primary employer. To work for Johnson is a great honor and a fast way to improve your status. Johnson's rival is his old public school classmate Righteous Dagon Dragbottom. He runs the local pawn shop and the entire underground economy in the quarter. Dragbottom is always willing to be your friend for a cost. Many in the quarter call him crude and unseemly. Unfortunately, that does not stop people from using the pawn broker's services for questionable activity. Finally, Col. Ebiasaph Pitt is the commander of the marine barracks. Not only does he keep his men in top fighting shape, he also makes sure that Johnson and Dragbottom's sparring doesn't break out into open fighting in the streets. After all, he is a gentleman and has an entire regiment of marines with rifles and cannons to keep the peace.

People in the quarter work for Dragbottom or Johnson, or enlist to become marines. Anyone else either winds up in the Gutter or escapes to become famous and wealthy. Other features in the quarter include four major night spots for the residents. The Bloody Bucket is usually reserved for working people and gutter trash. Marines are under strict orders to stay out of this establishment. Instead, they are welcomed at a place called the Eagle Claw, which is much more respectable and owned by the former first sergeant of the regiment. Marines and working people rub elbows and make plans for the future at the Claw. Officers and gentlefolk expect outstanding service from Jezebel's Social Club, where a card game can last all night and the blood pudding always tastes better with a spot of gin. Finally, there is the Twilight Slumbers Hotel. Marines on leave always make a stop here to soothe their frayed nerves and enjoy the company of a "proper lady." In spite of its scandalous reputation, the women of the quarter tolerate its presence because it prevents harassment by King George's uncouth marines.

With Johnson closest to the bridge on the west side of the quarter and Dragbottom across from him on the east, scattered between them are the rooming houses, flats and slums that make up a majority of the quarter. The Marine barracks and the more upscale housing is in the southern section near the top of a large hill. Both Johnson and Dragbottom, along with the marines, live here. Each morning at six, the barracks has taps and the rest of the quarter awakens. The marines will get moving about nine-thirty once the hangovers wear off. At noon six days a week, the Colonel has a parade down the main street of the quarter. The climax is a 500-pound brass cannon ridden down the hill by a crew of adventurous artillerists and fired into the Thames. Life in Rigg Quarter may be squalid, but it is certainly not boring.

What Is Going On?

Johnson, over the years, has been cultivating contacts with the upper classes and overcharging them for seafood. Now, he is prepared to take the final step into the aristocracy with a knighthood and a plot of land outside the city. Naturally, this makes Drag-bottom furious, and he will do everything he can to foil his old rival's plans. The problem is that a recent jewel theft by one of Dragbottom's henchmen has gone terribly wrong and he has been forced to behave himself. In the meantime, the unscrupulous pawn shop owner has been hiding jewels in the one place no one cares to look - in Johnson's smelly fish warehouse.

Johnson has discovered this and has decided to use the loot for himself to bribe his way into a knighthood. This is where the players' goblins come in. Since they will be unemployed and easily influenced, Johnson will hire them as delivery people. They will deliver a load of fish to a snotty aristocrat who will find the jewels and a note stating Johnson's intentions. The bribe should work and Johnson will become a knight in less than a fortnight. Considering goblin luck, Johnson and the delivery boys will lose a little sleep before that happens.

Mustering Day

September 1st is always a special day in Rigg Quarter, because all of the trade guilds graduate their apprentices from service and the enlistments all expire from Marine regiment. Col. Pitt grants leave to most of the marines at the barracks and a huge drunken party ensues at the Eagle Claw as comrades in arms say good-bye to each other. The apprentices also begin looking for work that isn't there. By the end of this night, the discouraged workers wind up in the Eagle Claw drinking to forget their dismal prospects. This is an ideal chance to get the PC goblins together and introduce them to Rigg Quarter. If they were once servants, none of the gentlefolk or aristocracy will hire them. Former soldiers or marines will be ignored by potential employers. Even pickpockets and rat catchers will find employment opportunities lacking.

As the unemployed goblins get more drunk (see the Goblins drinking rules), they should realize they don't have a place to sleep for the night. The Twilight Slumbers has no vacancy and they could not afford the four shilling a night rent. The rooming houses are full and most landlords will turn the wretches away because they are drunk.

This is when the PCs should get a good look at Dragbottom and his men. Stumbling back from a tenement to the bar, they witness an ugly incident. Four goblins are holding down a victim while a rumpled, blue-skinned goblin in fine clothes begins heating up a bucket of pitch.

"So, Amos," asks the blue-skinned Goblin, "why don't I have the jewels yet?"

"Honest, Dragbottom," says the helpless goblin, "I left them in the warehouse like you said and they're gone!"

"I hate people that lie," says the fellow mixing the molten pitch, "and I really hate people that muck things up."

"Please Dragbottom, I'll get the jewels in a week."

"You'd better, or I might do something really bad. Turn him over."

With that, the four thugs roll over the poor victim and the blue-skinned goblin paints his behind with the pitch. Once they are finished, they throw the poor soul into the river and walk away. If the witnessing goblins are smart, they will try to get away without being noticed.

If they are noticed, Dragbottom gives them enough shillings to find room and board for the night and a bottle of gin to keep quiet. Goblin luck will smile favorably on them regardless, because a drunken goblin will pass out on the street in front of the group; he will have enough money on him to pay room and board for the night.

At the Eagle Claw

The next day, the PCs are very hung over and suffering mightily. Making matters worse, there isn't any work. Since it is the day after mustering day, the citizens of the quarter are a lot less understanding of homeless laborers pestering them for jobs. If our heroes get too eager looking for work, someone will call the constable to chase them away. Dragbottom isn't working at the pawn shop today, and if the goblins want to see him they will be flatly refused. Further inquiries will result in the nosy ones being beaten up by Dragbottom's thugs, who love whacking unemployed Gutter scum. All roads lead back to the Eagle Claw and a chance to drown their sorrows.

At the Eagle Claw, they recognize a familiar figure. It is the goblin that passed out the night before in front of them. Talking with the bartender will reveal that he is Gentleman Johnson's footman - Peter "Lightweight" Rumbub. The suffering goblin has a very bad hangover and is trying to enjoy a meal with little success. He turns a bloodshot eye in the direction of the PCs and calls them over.

"I say," he says, "You're those chaps that helped me last night. Join me for some dinner, won't you?"

As the name implies, Rumbub is not a very good drinker, but the goblins find out that he does indeed work for Johnson. Since they were so good to help him last night, Rumbub will help them find work in the fish market and buy them dinner. The evening soon turns into a small feast for the goblins (who haven't eaten all day), and the future looks much brighter. After dinner and several pints of beer, they notice another goblin walk into the Eagle Claw. His bottom is covered in pitch and he has two small thugs at his side. His attitude is about as bad as his appearance as the others in the pub begin to laugh at his misfortune.

Rumbub finishes his ale and jokes, "That's Dragbottom's best thief, Sneaky Amos Cutbirth. Stay away from him. He doesn't look like much but he's plenty mean."

When someone from the group fetches a round of drinks (or if some other excuse presents itself), he bumps into Cutbirth, spilling his beer. Cutbirth, who has already had a bad 24 hours, throws a tantrum and threatens the PCgoblins. "Look at my coat," he says "You ruined it!" Apologizing will only make him angrier.

Instead of whacking the offending street scum and his companions, Cutbirth challenges him to a friendly wager to pay for the cleaning. The game is conkers, and the rest of the pub starts taking side bets on the game. The bartender produces two walnuts and some yarn. The rules are simple - the players drill a hole in the walnuts and then thread the yarn through the hole. After that is done, the participants beat their opponents over the heads with the makeshift flail until one of the nuts breaks. It is a simple contest that is very entertaining for those who watch. For the participants, it can be a little painful.

Treat a conker as a small flail that does Swing +1 damage. Each conker has a DR of 4 and 5 hit points. Once a conker takes more damage than hit points, it shatters and that player loses. A roasted conker has a DR of 6. Treat the game as a normal combat with each blow landing on the opponent's head and don't forget to figure in the DR of 2 for goblin skulls. On a critical success, roll on the critical head blow table. Killing a foe playing conkers is very unsporting, but knocking him out usually forces the opponent to forfeit the match. Only three people this year have been hanged for killing someone playing conkers, so the goblins have that going for them.

If the PC goblin wins, they collect about six shillings from Cutbirth and two rounds of drinks from other patrons in the bar that won side bets. If he loses, Rumbub will give Cutbirth the money to clean his clothes.

No matter what the outcome of the match, Rumbub is impressed and takes the player and his colleagues to see Johnson that same evening.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Compared with the smoky and dark surroundings of the Claw, Jezebel's Social Club is heaven on earth. The parlor is well lit. The women are dressed in the latest fashions. Everyone has bathed and the club has a huge buffet with a wide selection of deserts. Best of all, the food is free! Unfortunately, everything else has a steep price. The card tables are filled with leisured gentlefolk gambling their fortunes away. Respectable women are providing necessary escort service and the drink prices would make the ordinary goblin on the street nauseous. This is how the better half lives and the PCs are homeless, hungry, drunk, and sore if coming out of the conkers match. Normally, Gutter folk like them would not even be allowed near the front door of an establishment like Jezebel's. The doorman to the club and the valet sniff in disgust as they are escorted inside. Only Rumbub's presence prevents them from being thrown out on the street like trash. Rumbub leaves his guests at the bar while he gets his master out of the poker room.

After a brief wait or a round of outrageously priced drinks, Johnson walks up. He is a green, warty fellow with a nose that looks like it has been broken a few times during childhood rugby games. "My footman tells me you played conkers with Cutbirth and didn't get killed," he says.

Now it is up to the goblins to beg Johnson for a job. Rumbub won't speak any more for the goblins. Fast-Talk and Bard will help sway Johnson. Considering that Johnson is winning at the poker tables and is in a good mood, they receive an additional +2 bonus to their roll. If they are successful, Johnson will pay for their bar tab, hire them on the spot and put them up for the night. If they fail, Johnson has them thrown out of the club and they are forced to fend for themselves. All is not lost though, if the characters are forced to spend the night in the streets; Rumbub gives them his card and tells them to try again tomorrow at the fish mart. Johnson will be sober and might be a little more receptive. Either way, the unfortunate souls are free to steal some food from the buffet so they will not go hungry for the night.

The Fish Mart

Depending on how the meeting with Johnson went the night before, the goblins either wake up in the rooming house across the street from the fish mart, or they find themselves outside the gates with the other Gutter folk, looking for work. What both experiences have in common is that the market gives off an unhealthy stench that would make even the healthiest goblin want to give up his breakfast. Most of the people who work at the market have lost their sense of smell and consider it a blessing, as barges bring putrid crates of fish to the warehouse to be processed, iced and shipped to the upper classes.

Johnson's market does not open to the public until 10:30, but work begins at 8:00 and Johnson arrives at 9:30 to over-see his operations. If the PCgoblins are hired they will be let into the gates and given basic training on how to drive a coach and deliver fish. If they are still unemployed, they are let in by Rumbub who presents them to his master one final time. Johnson is impressed by their pluck (or stupidity) and has a perfect job for them. They are to deliver a load of fish to Lord Carpetbagger by 12:30. He lives on the west end and hates late shipments. If they don't get the shipment to Carpetbagger's on time, he will fire them and make sure that no one in Rigg Quarter will ever hire them for legitimate work. It is an offer they can't refuse, unless they enjoy living in the Gutter poor and penniless. The new hires are given a map and written instructions on how to get to Carpetbagger's. Since most goblins are illiterate, it should be fun trying to understand them. The two-horse carriage holds three crates of fish and has enough room for the party.

Getting over the Waterloo bridge should be a challenge, and then negotiating the streets of London's west end should also be difficult. It will take a combination of a successful Navigation or Area Knowledge roll to find Carpetbagger's place. The PCs receive an additional +2 if one of them can read and understand the map. Due to goblin jingoism, they would normally be at a -4 to do anything outside Rigg Quarter. Since they are working for Johnson, all of their rolls are made at even up.

Once the navigation roll is made, they next have to make a successful roll against Riding or Teamster to make sure the cart is traveling fast enough to make it to Carpetbag-ger's. A failed result will mean that they have violated the traffic laws and answer to the police, or worse: the horses will run wild and take the carriage on a frantic ride through the streets, resulting in an accident spilling goblins and fish all over the street. Time is precious and the clock is ticking. What they do not know is that Cutbirth is planing an ambush for them. They also have over 10,000 pounds' worth of diamonds hidden inside the belly of a large tuna in one of the crates.

The Ambush

As the delivery carriage makes a turn into a narrow alley, an apple cart is pushed into the middle of the road blocking the way. A simple Riding roll is all it takes to avoid the collision. If the carriage's driver fails and hits the apple cart, Cutbirth and his goblins will attack. If he avoids the obstacle, Cutbirth and his gang will jump from roof tops onto the speeding fish delivery. The ambushers are armed with clubs and ice picks. All they really want is the fish. Whacking the delivery boys is a bonus. The PCs are outnumbered three to two and only have improvised weapons. The fight should still be interesting, with plenty of dirty tricks and pratfalls. GMs are encouraged to give extra experience points for especially dirty tricks or theatrical fight moves. The fight climaxes with the arrival of the local police, who chase off the attackers. Time their appearance so that they're just a hair too late - the ambush should succeed and Cutbirth make off with the jewels. The police will return the battered carriage to Johnson and the fish mart.

Confronted with his plan's failure, Johnson will be very upset. He will be so angry that he will start whacking the PCs with his walking cane right in front of the constables. Since he is in a position of authority, all the guttertrash goblins can do is take a few more lumps. Once the swelling stops and Johnson calms down, it is time to weigh options - and none of them are very good.

Decisions, Decisions

A messenger from Dragbottom will arrive at the fish market at about the same time that Johnson gets done wielding his cane. The unscrupulous pawn-shop owner always enjoys getting maximum profit from all of his ventures, so he is willing to sell back the jewels at twice the cost a fence would offer him. Johnson can still make the bribe and earn his title, but Dragbottom would get a cut of the booty. Johnson is furious, but he is not stupid. He tells the messenger to set up a time after the market closes so that the money and jewels can be exchanged. He has no intention of honoring the deal.

"You miserable trash have a chance to redeem yourselves," he says. "When Dragbottom and his men arrive you will whack them, take back the jewels, and paint pitch on that scoundrel's bottom and throw him in the river."

Faced with starvation and homelessness, the goblins have no choice but to be part of Johnson's plan. If they don't he will throw them out of the market and blacklist them.

Fish Fight at the Fish Mart

The fish mart closes to the public after 4:30 in the afternoon. The meeting has been set up for six that evening. This gives the heroes time to bind their wounds and get ready for the upcoming brawl. If they're typical goblins, they will be drinking and quite drunk before the coming conflict, but that just might give them just enough edge to survive all this craziness. They will work with other members of Johnson's staff, including his personal rent-a-thugs and warehouse goblins Izri and Slashlip. These two huge goblins are strong, tough and about as intelligent as the dead fish they load into the carriages. Drunkenness fails to make them any more pleasant to be around, and their conversation about the odor of rancid mackerel being better than fresh tuna should make the PCs wonder how they ever became mixed up with Johnson in the first place.

Johnson, Izri and Slashlip have the money. The PCs wait in ambush, and Rumbub (with some friends) will serve as reinforcements. The plan is simple: Johnson will make the exchange, and then Izri and Slashlip will whack Dragbot-tom and his men while the new employees ambush them from behind. If all goes well, Johnson will have the money, the jewels and the satisfaction of whacking Dragbottom. The knighthood is just icing on the cake.

Dragbottom suspects that Johnson has plans for him, so he has rounded up all of his men in the quarter to join him on the trip. What results is the makings of a riot in the fragrant marketplace.

Dragbottom has armed his men with clubs. Johnson has giant fish hooks, clubs, nets and crates of fish. It should be a fairly even matchup. Once the fight breaks out, it is every goblin for himself. Crates of fish will be broken over skulls. Hooks should wind up in unpleasant places and everyone should be battered and bloody. During the confusion, the PCs should be able to find Cutbirth and try to settle a few scores. He should be easy to spot because he is wrapped up in bandages and using a large tuna for a weapon. He is armed with one of the fish taken during the ambush. Smacking one of Johnson's men, his fish bursts open and diamonds spill out onto the cobblestones of the market. This makes the fight even more frenzied as greedy goblins fight boot and nail to get a piece of the treasure.

The chaos could easily spill out of the marketplace and into the streets. Shop windows are broken. Innocents are caught up in the fray and the card game at Jezebel's is disturbed. Constables soon arrive on the scene and make a bad situation even worse. A general alarm is sounded and troops with rifles and cannon show up from the barracks, with Pitt personally leading his marines. A few shots are fired. When the smoke clears, Dragbottom's men have run, the fish market is a mess, Johnson has his money and about 5,000 pounds' worth of diamonds are still lying on the ground.

The marine officer wants an explanation because he never misses his wife's home cooking and by the time this is finished it will be cold. Johnson uses all the Fast-Talk and Bard skills that he can muster to try and get himself off the hook. Eying the diamonds scattered on the ground, Pitt gets an idea.

"I say old chap, I have a game of bridge with Lord Carpetbagger tomorrow night. He won't at all be pleased if I tell him about this mess at the fish mart tonight."

"How can I can convince you to give his lordship a favorable report?" Johnson says.

"Well, my wife does like jewelry."

"Damn it, Ebiasaph! Take them, but don't say a word to his lordship."

"Right, come on men. Let's go, dinner is getting cold."

With that, Pitt collects the rest of the jewels and the troops leave the market. Johnson is no better or worse for the experience. Dragbottom has lost face and Cutbirth can expect another bath in the Thames River. The PCgoblins are maimed, bloody and terrified, but at least they have a job, which is nice.


Johnson will spend the next few weeks repairing the damage to the fish mart and will continue making seafood shipments to the upper classes. He knows he lost a chance at earning a knighthood, but the possibility is still open for a future attempt so long as Pitt keeps his mouth shut. Each day Johnson sends a fresh load of fish to the barracks with an envelope of cash. Dragbottom has lost face due to the whole misadventure and lies low, trying to figure out what to do next. He has future plans for Johnson and the street wretches that helped him out; he just hasn't figured them out yet. Cutbirth has disappeared and many suspect that he is at the bottom of the Thames.

The heroes have earned a spot on Johnson's fish delivery team. Since they were so good to help the aspiring aristocrat, the least he can do is give them a living wage and a place to work. As winter settles into London, life returns to usual and the delicate balance of power in the quarter is restored. Plots and counterplots have clashed and thanks to goblin luck no one has come out ahead except the PCs, who have a job and a chance for further adventure in Rigg Quarter.

Running Gags

Life in Rigg Quarter is unpredictable. These running gags are designed to provide some comic relief and distraction. They can happen anytime during the adventure or during a slow period when everyone needs a cheap laugh.

Artillery Practice: Each day at noon, the marines at the barracks conduct artillery practice after the parade. Usually four goblins ride down the main street with a 500-pound siege cannon between their legs. Bystanders have learned to get out of the way. Those who don't suffer 4d6 of crushing damage from being run over. Once the cannon rolls down the hill and reaches the river, the goblin artillerists prime the gun and then fire it into the river. Usually, the goblins will shoot a cabbage into the river but if there is a luckless prole convenient, the poor creature will be fired out of the gun instead. Any prole so mistreated will be burned completely black and hairless (+2 to Menace) and rendered Hard of Hearing. Once the exercise is over, it's lunch time in the quarter. All the shops close while their proprietors get drunk and enjoy their meals.

A Woman Scorned: During a particularly slow part of the adventure, those walking by a set of shops overhear a horrible argument.

"But, dear!"

"Don't but me, you spend more time drinking gin than working."

"But, dear!"

"How are you going to make the rent?"

"But, dear -"

With that there is a crash of glass and a goblin explodes out of a glass window above the shop. The poor soul lands with a sickening thud, and it is obvious he has broken a shoulder. The injured goblin brushes himself off, gives a toothless smile and says, "I guess I'd better be getting to work." He then pulls out a flask of gin and takes a hard swig before limping down the street to find work.

Ben the Beggar: Usually found outside the Bloody Bucket, Ben is a pathetic figure in Rigg Quarter. The poor goblin has been begging for food, liquor and money for as long as anyone can remember. Ben lost his hands and legs in a machine accident. Presently, he is missing most of his teeth and is infected with scarlet fever. "Come on mate, just a penny or shilling for a lost soul," he says.

Most people ignore Ben. Those that are mean to the beggar usually contract his latest disease or suffer from a mysterious accident. Treat this as an extra (-3) to contagion rolls when checking for disease. If people give Ben a shilling or better they will automatically receive the blessing of good goblin luck, which is left to the discretion of the GM. Ben may be pathetic, but he is also a good luck charm for any adventurer in Rigg Quarter.

Who's Who in Rigg Quarter

Gentleman Johnson (Status 4)
Big but weak, green-skinned, warty, with a broken nose.
ST 7, DX 8, IQ 11, HT 14
Courage 7
Basic Speed 5.5, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantages: Menace +1.
Disadvantages: Gigantism, Odious Personal Habit: High Living, Severe Alcoholism, Scotophobia.
Quirks: Broken nose.
Skills: Sex Appeal-14, Club (his cane)-10, Engineering- 11, Brawling-10, Pickpocket- 8, Merchant-11.

Righteous Dagon Dragbottom (Status 1)
Very strong. Blue-skinned, in unkempt finery.
ST 13, DX 9, IQ 8, HT 9
Courage 13
Basic Speed 4.5, Move 4
Dodge 4
Advantages: Menace +1, Strong Will +2.
Disadvantages: Agoraphobia, Severe Alcoholism, Short Arms.
Skills: Starglazing-10, Stealth-9, Holdout-11, Pickpocket-11, Traps-8, Animal Handling-10, Merchant-10, Intuition-10.

Col. Ebiasaph Pitt (Status 4)
Gangly, completely bald and resplendent in his uniform.
ST 10, DX 10, IQ 10, HT 10
Courage 10
Basic Speed 5, Move: 5
Dodge 5
Advantages: Gigantism, Strong Will +2.
Disadvantages: Compulsive Lying, Necrophilia.
Skills: Carousing-10, Brawling-12, Sword-11, Cannon-10, Traps-10, Pistol-10.

Amos Cutbirth (Status -3)
Stupid but vicious.
ST 5, DX 14, IQ 7, HT 9
Courage 7
Basic Speed 5.75, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantage: Exceptionally Long Legs.
Disadvantages: Ugly, Unluck, Acrophobia.
Skills: Climbing-14, Lockpick-14, Gambling-8, Swimming-12, Forgery-10.

Peter "Lightweight" Rumbub (Status 0)
ST 12, DX 8, IQ 12, HT 6
Courage 12
Basic Speed: 3.5, Move 3
Dodge 3
Advantage: Night Vision.
Disadvantages: Odious Personal Habit: Overtly Friendly.
Quirk: Alcohol Intolerance.
Skills: Traps-12, Sword-9, Cook-12, Club-10.

Ben the Beggar (Status -4)
Infected with scarlet fever.
ST 4, DX 9, IQ 10, HT 10
Courage 7
Basic Speed: 4.75, Move 4
Dodge 4
Advantage: Luck.
Disadvantages: No Hands, No Legs, Weirdness Magnet.
Skills: Panhandler-10, Theology-10, Carousing-10.

Izri (Status -2)
ST 14, DX 10, IQ 7, HT 10
Courage 14
Basic Speed 5, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantages: Strong Will +2, Exceptionally Long Arms.
Disadvantages: Berserk, Aquaphobia
Skills: Brawling-12, Club-12, Teamster-9.

Slashlips (Status -2)
ST 14, DX 12, IQ 7, HT 11
Courage 14
Basic Speed 5.75, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantages: Toughness (DR 2), Fur.
Disadvantages: Overconfidence, Necrophobia.
Skills: Brawling-12, Club-12, Teamster-9.

Police (Status 0)
ST 12, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 10
Courage 12
Basic Speed: 5.5, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantage: Toughness (DR 1).
Disadvantages: Ugly, No Sense of Humor.
Skills: Club-12, Criminology-10, Law-10.

Marines (Status 0)
ST 11, DX 11, IQ 9, HT 11
Courage 11
Basic Speed: 5.5, Move 5
Dodge 5
Disadvantage: Severe Alcoholism.
Skills: Rifle-11, Sword-11, Cannon-10.

Johnson's Thugs (Status -2)
ST 10, DX 12, IQ 9, HT 9
Courage 10
Basic Speed 5.25, Move 5
Dodge 5
Advantage: Menace +1.
Disadvantages: Gigantism, Post Combat Shakes.
Skills: Brawling-13, Teamster-9, Club-12.

Dragbottom's Thugs (Status -4)
ST 10, DX 10, IQ 8, HT 11
Courage 10
Basic Speed: 5.25, Move 5
Dodge 5
Disadvantage: Berserk
Skills: Brawling-12, Club-12.

Bystanders (Status Variable)
ST 10, DX 10, IQ 8, HT 10
Courage 10
Basic Speed 5, Move 5
Dodge 5
Skill: Brawling-11.

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