Pyramid Review

Red Hand of Doom (for the d20 System)

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Richard Baker & James Jacobs

Cover by David Hudnut

Illustrated by Wayne England, Randy Gallegos, Des Hanley, Ralph Horsley, Howard Lyon, Lucio Parillo, Eric Polak, Scott Roller, Francis Tsai, Franz Vohwinkel, & Eva Widermann

Cartography by Mike Schley

128-page full-color softcover; $24.95

The appearance of Red Hand of Doom is interesting in that it runs against two trends. The first is that it is from Wizards of the Coast, who have a policy of leaving scenarios to third party publishers. Second is that it is a "modern" fantasy scenario, that is, it is not an exercise in nostalgia for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, First Edition. Further, it is more a "mini" campaign and not a scenario, which makes it "official"; the nearest that the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons has previously gotten to an official campaign is Paizo Publishing's Shackled City Adventure Path, which collected the campaign run in Dungeon magazine.

Designed for a party of 6th to 12th level characters, Red Hand of Doom pits them into a desperate race against time in an attempt to slow a goblinoid horde rampaging through a previously quiet backwater. It is generic, designed to be slotted into almost any campaign setting. Suggestions for placing the campaign's self-contained locale include the Forgotten Realms, Ebberon, and Greyhawk worlds. It is also designed to be played using just the three core books, but many of the campaign's . . .

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Article publication date: August 3, 2007

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