Pyramid Review

The Shackled City Adventure Path (for Dungeons & Dragons)

Published by Paizo Publishing

Written by Jesse Decker, James Jacobs, Tito Leati, David Noonan, Christopher Perkins, & Chris Tomasson

Cover by Matt Cavotta

Illustrated by Attlia Adorjany, Tom Baxa, Peter Bergting, Matt Cavotta, Jeff Carlisle, Christine Choi, Stephen Daniele, Omar Dogon, Tom Fowler, Andrew Hou, Ben Huen, Eric Kim, Chuck Lukacs, Val Mayerick, Mark nelson, Ramón Pérez, Chris Stevens, & Jim Zubkavich

Cartography by Christopher West

418-page full-color hardcover; $59.95

Traditionally, the roleplaying scenario comes in just a few parts, typically a trilogy or quartet. Rarely do they come longer, although The Shackled City Adventure Path is a rare exception, consisting of 12 parts. Originally appearing separately in issues 97 through 116 of Dungeon Magazine as eleven parts, the campaign has now been collated, organized, and updated for presentation as one whole campaign designed to take a party of first level characters right up to 20th level. And that includes the addition of a whole new scenario to those seen in the magazine, designed to smooth play at low levels.

As a campaign, The Shackled City Adventure Path is designed for generic Dungeons & Dragons, primarily using only the three core books. That said, having copies of the Monster Manual II, Monster Manual III, Fiend Folio, Draconomicon, and Libris Mortis on hand could prove useful. This generic nature applies equally to the setting; apart from references . . .

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Article publication date: November 2, 2007

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