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PR Report: Crafty, Goodman, Polymancer Studios, Iron Crown, One Bad Egg

The PR Report for October 9, 2008:

Fat Dragon Games to Produce Official Spycraft Products

Crafty Games and Fat Dragon Games are pleased to announce a new partnership, coupling the award-winning talents of both companies to bring you a new line of modern card stock models and terrain. The first release, the Skyshark Stealth Helicopter, is scheduled for early November with more sets to follow.


Goodman Games Receives Chaosium License

Goodman Games is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Chaosium to publish all-new adventure modules for the legendary role playing game Call of Cthulhu. These adventure modules will be published under the line Age of Cthulhu, which takes Cthulhu investigation beyond the familiar places of the 1920s New England seaboard. The first Age of Cthulhu adventure module, titled Death in Luxor, is slated for December 2008. All Age of Cthulhu adventures will utilize the Basic Roleplaying mechanics as published by Chaosium.

"Call of Cthulhu is an industry icon," said Joseph Goodman, President of Goodman Games. "Every gamer has played it, every fan knows it, and every creator loves it. Age of Cthulhu takes this familiarity and turns it on its head. I think Cthulhu fans everywhere will appreciate the chance to play in a Cthulhu sandbox that's both familiar and foreign."

"We here at Chaosium are very excited to be working with Goodman Games to bring new Call of Cthulh . . .

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Article publication date: October 9, 2008

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