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This article originally appeared in Pyramid #28

The Cursed Sword of Hsima: by Steven W. Disbrow

"Ah, you must be the renowned Aldarac of Hinthaw! My friend, I cannot tell you how proud I am to meet you! I've been told that your bravery and masterful swordsmanship was the deciding factor in driving back the hordes of Malsi! Your homeland is forever in your debt, brave sir!"

"My liege! It is but my duty to serve as best I can. Yours is truly the glory that all should be in awe of! . . . May the remaining days of your life be filled with the croaking of the frogs of happiness!"

"Er, yes. Well. Thank you. Brave . . . warrior. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've other warriors to greet. But remember, the gratitude of our kingdom is yours. Merely ask it of me, and you shall have it!"

"Thank you, my lord!"

The Cursed Sword of Hsima appears to be an ordinary shortsword. It is in fact somewhat magical. However this enchantment only manifests itself if the person holding it has at least one level of Magical Aptitude. If the person holding the sword doesn't have any Magery skill, the sword will seem to be a substandard weapon. It will seem poorly balanced, a bit too heavy or too light - whatever it takes to make that person put it down or pass it on to someone who does have magical aptitude.

If the owner of the sword does have some magical aptitude, the Cursed Sword of Hsima will seem to be a great prize indeed. In combat, the sword gives its wielder a +5 to his Shortsword skill, a +3 to any block or parry made with the sword, and an additional . . .

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Article publication date: March 20, 1998

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