Pyramid Interview: Stephen V. Cole

by Scott D. Haring

Stephen V. Cole is practically synonymous with Star Fleet Battles. As co-designer of the original game (with Steve Petrick) and main driving force behind its early growth, Petrick and Cole's Amarillo Design Bureau was the source for all things SFB. Now, after several years out of the picture, Cole, Petrick, and ADB are back. We chatted with Stephen Cole recently via e-mail.

Pyramid: So, you're back in the saddle with Star Fleet Battles. How did that happen?
Cole: After nearly two years of protracted negotiations and several dead-end deals that never quite happened, we were able to buy the license, inventory, and rights from TFG (Task Force Games) and became our own publisher.

Pyramid: What are your plans for the SFB line?
Cole: To get it back where it was in the market, and then take it where it should have been. Broader product lines, more creativity, more adventure.

Pyramid: How much of the out-of-print material will you bring back, and how quickly?
Cole: We plan to bring back everything that would have been kept in the line if there had been no interruption or change of publishers. For example, the P Modules were playtest products designed for a very short life cycle and will not come back. Captain's Log was always designed as a one-print-run product that sells through and then disappears forever (with some of the playtest stuff in it moving on to regular products). Beyond that, we plan to bring back most everything else within a year, probably finishing up . . .

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Article publication date: July 2, 1999

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