Tile Chess

Tile Chess – Cover

Tile Chess – 1999 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Abstract Board Game of 1999

Tile Chess – Games 100 (2001)

Tile Chess was listed in GAMES Magazine's "The Games 100" as one of 2001's dozen best abstract strategy games!

Game Design by Jason D. Wittman * Rulebook written by Hilary Moon Murphy
Development by Steve Jackson

96 tiles, rules. * Suggested Retail Price $14.95
Stock number 1330 * ISBN 1-55634-404-X
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Up To Six Players! No Board! No Borders!

From the publishers of Knightmare Chess comes the most exciting new chess variant yet.

In Tile Chess, the traditional chess pieces move across a virtual "board" of ever-changing size and shape. Strategy becomes more complex; as you conquer each of your opponents, you take over their pieces! To win, you'll have to think outside the board . . .

Tile Chess is designed for 2 to 6 players. It's even more portable than chess – there is no board, and the tiles will fit in a pocket. You can play on a table, a bar, the floor . . . wherever you like.

This set contains six sets of 16 tiles each, plus complete rules . . . enough for one large game, two smaller ones, or three 2-player games at once. An understanding of the basic moves of chess is required for play.

"Splendid chess variant . . . This game will provide great fun for the chess players in your life."
– John J. McCallion, GAMES Magazine, June 2000

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