Hipster Dice



  • One faux vintage 19mm die
  • One staple-free rulesheet
  • A smug sense of self-satisfaction
  • Rules No One Reads

Obscure Things

  • This shirt is very secret. You haven't heard of it.
  • Optional Rule: Hipster 9-Ball

    Because 8-balls are so gauche. When you want to decide what to do tonight, roll the die.

    Vinyl record. Go to a concert. It should be a band that very few people have heard of. Bonus points if you've never heard of them.
    Coffee mug. Find a coffee shop and spend a few hours drinking shade-grown organic chai tea lattes and judging everyone who wanders in.
    Typewriter. Better start working on that article for the underground zine you write for. Your subscriber needs to know what's happening.
    Moustache. Go find a secondhand clothes store and buy some new clothes. Don't spend more than $15 total.
    Film reel. I hear there's a foreign art film playing in the revival theater by the park. Go see it.
    Cheese wedge. Go out and have a nice dinner, as long as it's organic, vegan, gluten-free, locally sourced, and cruelty-free.

  • Optional Rule: Sneer-Fest

    When it's your turn, instead of coming up with something too cool for the rest of the table to have heard of, come up with something that has sold out, and explain why it's too mainstream for anyone to be caught dead near it now. Don't bother keeping score; your sense of smug self-satisfaction is enough.

  • Optional Rule: Ficton Dice

    It's like Hipster Dice, except that you pick an alternate universe from a book, movie, or whatever and pretend you're in that universe. If you can come up with a piece of trivia so obscure that more than one person challenges you, let it happen. You collect a hipster cred from each of them, plus one extra from the center, if you prove that the trivia's real, in the fictive sense of the word. If you can't prove it's real (fictively), they each get a hipster cred from the center. Play to at least 7 hipster cred.

  • Optional Rule: Dice Tricks Are So Commercial

    If you roll the die and it falls off the table, the person to your right gets to choose your category for you, because merely being transgressive doesn't prove you have any insights. Poseur.

    If you can keep the die on the table but make it come up cocked, you can pick any category, because you have highlighted the weakness of the mechanical routine that your friends have bought into.

  • Optional Rule: The Internet Is So Mainstream

    When someone challenges your claim, you can still use the Internet to prove that person wrong. But if you use a physical reference, like a dictionary, coffee house flyer, or music album, you get one additional hipster cred from the center. If you use a physical encyclopedia to show your friends how unlearned they are, you immediately win the game.

  • Optional Rule: I'm Way Too Cool For This

    Laughing at something indicates that you find it funny, which indicates that you actually care about it on some level. As if. Steal one hipster cred from anyone who laughs at the claim you make on your turn. (Yes, this means that people with no hipster cred can laugh with impunity. But isn't that true in general?)

Designed by Samuel Mitschke * Developed by Leonard Balsera and Brian Engard
Art by Samuel Mitschke

Based on the underground German phenomenon, Nichteinechteswürfelspiel, and updated with vintage rules, Hipster Dice is poised to be the perfect game to play while you're waiting in line at the second-hand clothes store. Get it before it's cool.

Expand your hipster cred with the random extra rules to the right. If you want.

Gamd Icons

Deconstructed Melon (131336A)

Deconstructed Melon Hipster Dice
Frosted Red Die with Pastel Green Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336A
UPC 837654322192
Atomizing Melons

Free-Range Yolk (131336B)

Free-Range Yolk Hipster Dice
Pearlized Yellow Die with White Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336B
UPC 837654322192
Finding Chickens

Cold Shoulder (131336C)

Cold Shoulder Hipster Dice
Frosted White Die with Gray Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336C
UPC 837654322192
Fixing Snow Machines

Corporate Byproducts (131336D)

Corporate Byproducts Hipster Dice
Glow-In-The-Dark Die with Pink Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336D
UPC 837654322192
Filtering Waste

Crisp Denim (131336E)

Crisp Denim Hipster Dice
Pearlized Blue Die with Powder Blue Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336E
UPC 837654322192
Ironing Pants

Aquapunk (131336F)

Aquapunk Hipster Dice
Swirled Cyan and Pink Die with Purple Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336F
UPC 837654322192
Melting In Progress

Warehouse 23 Exclusive Dice

Obscure (131336G)

Obscure Hipster Dice (W23 Exclusive)
Pearlized Black Die with Gray Ink
Suggested Retail Price $4.95
Stock number 131336G*
UPC 837654322192
Finding Light Switches

Too hip to die.

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