Demo Hunt!

This 30-card "preview" edition is also an expansion set for a 6-player game of Dino Hunt!

We're trying something new with Dino Hunt. We printed 6,000 copies of a special two-player edition. It uses real game components, but includes only 30 cards.

Most of these "Demo Hunt" games have gone to retailers, so they can see the game and demonstrate it to their customers.


But we're holding about a thousand back for retail sales. These are a little bit different from the ones that went to the stores! You can use this set either as a stand-alone mini-game, or as an expansion for Dino Hunt. The dinosaurs and energy tracks in the regular game are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. In this set, they're Purple and Orange, so you can turn it into a 6-player game. The Special cards in this set are all the kind that are good to double up on, so if you like the game, you can just drop this whole set into your Dino Hunt box when you get it.

The complete component list for this set is:

  • 30 cards. These are prototypes for the final card set . . . we made a small format change so we could tell the Demo Hunt cards from the regular print run, but the backs are the same, so they're completely compatible with the final game.
  • One Time Track.
  • Two Energy Tracks (one Purple, one Orange).
  • Two soft dinosaurs for player markers (one Purple, one Orange).
  • One set of Energy Track markers.
  • The rules. This is a subset of the real Dino Hunt rules . . . we left out some of the rules that referred to special cards not in this 30-card set. This gained us a page, which we used for a letter to the retailers – mostly necessary marketing gorp. (It mentions a poster, which was in their sets but is not on the purple/orange ones sold at retail. However, this poster will be inserted in Pyramid #22.)

Have fun. Play. Hunt dinosaurs. And tell us what you think about the game!

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