GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set: Characters (Fourth Edition, Second Printing) – Updated December 13, 2007

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 7. In the Mini-Glossary box, the page reference for enhancement should be to pp. 102-109.

P. 16. The bottom of the middle column mentions large creatures can buy HP more cheaply. The page reference should be to p. 19.

P. 17. In the third full paragraph (the Fatigue Points section, carried over from the previous page), the page reference should be to pp. 426-427.

New! P. 25. Update the "Multimillionaire" entry to read:

Multimillionaire: "Filthy rich" doesn't even begin to describe your wealth! For every 25 points you spend beyond the 50 points to be Filthy Rich, increase your starting wealth by another factor of 10: Multimillionaire 1 costs 75 points and gives 1,000 times average starting wealth, Multimillionaire 2 costs 100 points and gives 10,000 times starting wealth, and so on, to a maximum level (usually 3 or 4) set by the GM. 50 points + 25 points/level of Multimillionaire.

P. 85. Under Special Limitations (where the text of Morph has continued from the previous page), add the following sentence to Cosmetic: "This limitation includes Mass Conservation, but not Retains Shape."

Smooth Operator should say "see Talent, p. 89."

P. 163. Under Broad-Minded, the page reference should be to p. 162.

P. 183. Cartography is a TL skill and should have the /TL suffix.

P. 184. In the second paragraph of Cloak, the page reference should be to p. 404.

New! P. 197. In the Gambling skill, replace "roll a Regular Contest of Gambling (p. 197) until one of you wins" with "roll a Regular Contest (p. 349) of Gambling until one of you wins."

P. 230. Under Using Techniques, the language page reference should be to p. 23.

P. 240. In the Magic Staffs box, the introductory paragraph should refer to p. 481.

P. 279. The shotguns on the Rifles and Shotguns Table should have damage pi, not pi-. Note that this applies only to buckshot (those weapons whose RoF has a ×9 multiplier).

P. 309. On the character sheet for C-31: The Size Modifier should be +1.

Under "Advantages and Perks," Alternate Form should be a Hexapod Robot.

New! P. 317. The sample character sheet for Iotha should list her Perception 14 as costing 10 points, not 5.

P. 327. Under General Damage, change the first bulleted item from "1/3 or less" to "less than 1/3".