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ERRATA – GURPS High-Tech Weapon Tables – Updated February 26, 2008

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Please Note: All page references in this errata refer to the page where a table falls in GURPS High-Tech, not to the page on the PDF.

P. 94. On the Revolvers Table, make the following changes in the Shots column:

P. 101. On the Semiautomatic Pistols table:

P. 124. In the Submachine Guns Table, for the H&K UMP, replace "Acc 3" with "Acc 4".

New! P. 140. Errata correction to the Cannon Table, for the Motovilikha D-81TM Rapira. Replace "RoF 1, Shots 22(8)" with "RoF 1, Shots 22(60i)". In the Notes, add a [2]. This leads to:

[2] Requires seven seconds between shots for the autoloader to mechanically reload, allowing it to shoot once every eight seconds. Replenishing the ready ammunition takes the gunner 60 seconds per round, half that if the tank commander assists.

New! P. 180. On the "Spray Guns and Aerosols Table", the table headings after "Weapon" need to be shifted one step to the right (putting "Damage" over "Special," and so on, all the way to "Notes" over "[1]").