GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Infinite Worlds – Updated June 11, 2008

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 55. In the second full paragraph, change the Putting a Little English On It page reference to p. 87.

P. 65. The last line on the page should reference p. 195.

P. 69. Under Lodge of the Midwinter Aton, change Merlin-2 to Merlin-3.

P. 74. In the second paragraph of The White Stag, the page reference should be to p. 79.

P. 115. Change the second sentence of the first paragraph from "His followers claimed he was James' bastard son, and entitled to the crown." to "His followers claimed that as Charles II's bastard son, he was entitled to the crown."

P. 124. The boxed section's title should be Friedrich, 1217.

P. 125. In the second paragraph of E Pluribus Nullium, change "Eight other American republics . . ." to "Seven other American republics . . .".

P. 132. In the Lenin-1, 1989 box, the Infinity Class should be Z4.

P. 149. In the bottom box, Neo-Troodons cost 28 points. Add two entries:

Attribute Modifiers: DX+1 [20]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP-1 [-2].

P. 151. In the Other Fantasy Parallels box, the page reference in the first sentence for Rome-6 should be p. 145.

P. 157. Under The Recency Effect, the Arbatov Barrier is discussed on p. 218.

P. 176. Change Omen to Oracle.

P. 184. The Dark-Dwellers template should cost -2 points. The Mutants' HT-1 should cost -10, changing the template cost to -40 points.

P. 185. Under Mutants (where the text carries over from the previous page), change "Scrounging-12" to "Scrounging-11". Neanderthals should have a Survival skill of 11. Under Super-Soldiers, raise the cost of FP+2 in the TL6-7 lens to 6, and change the template cost to -19.

P. 186. Under Super-Soldiers, raise the cost of FP+3 in the TL8+ lens to 9, and change the template cost to -15. Raise the cost of FP+3 in the Tenshi lens to 9, and change the template cost to +143. The Intervention Service (I-Cop) template should have a Shortsword skill equal to DX+1, not DX. Under the Customs and Inspection Division skill package, Electronics Operation should be equal to IQ+1, not IQ. Under the Justice skill package, change "Criminology" and "Forensics" to "Criminology/TL" and "Forensics/TL". Under the Logistics skill package, change the Armoury tech level to TL9.

P. 187. Under Penetration Service (Scout), change the text to read:

Division Skills: Add 12 points in skills relevant to your Division (note lens 8 is built on 13 points).

To the Technical Analysis lens (lens number 8), add "Mathematics/TL8 (Applied)-10 (IQ-2) [1]".

P. 188. A Paralabs Field Researcher costs 101 points. Change "Physics/TL8^ (Parachronic)-13 (IQ-1) [4]" to "Physics/TL8^ (Parachronic)-14 (IQ) [4]".

New! In the Skills section of the Paralabs Field Researcher template, Mathematics/TL8 (Applied) is known at IQ+1, not IQ.

P. 189. Raise the cost of the Psiberocrat Precog Package to +31 points; Precognition should cost 23 points. Under Mind Probe, put an asterisk beside the "No memory" enhancement, and add a footnote to the Psiberocrat entry: "*A new enhancement; see Mind Control, pp. B68-69." Change the final cost of Mind Reading in the Telepath Package to 15 points, and lower Telepathy Talent to "1 [5]".

P. 190. The Alternate Outcomes Mercenary (the text continues from the previous page) should have a Survival (Mountain) skill equal to Per+1, not Per.

New! In the Skills section of the White Star Trader template, the following skills should be as listed below:

Pp. 190-191. (Note: There have been changes in this entry to previous errata.) Raise the cost of the White Star Trader to 91 points; change his Contact Group to "Contact Group (Local merchants; skill-15; somewhat reliable; 9 or less) [10]"; Bad Temper should cost [-10*]; Market Analysis skill should cost 4 points; and Administration skill should cost 2 points. Delete the "‡Bought from Merchant." note.

On the following page, the Denarius Group Special Banker lens should be +32 points. Change Contact Group to read "Contact Group (Royal or imperial government; skill-18; somewhat reliable; 9 or less) [15]".

P.191. The Tour Guide template costs 62 points.

P.192. The Interworld Service Agent's template should have Beam Weapons at "(DX+3)". Change "First Aid/TL9-12 (IQ-1) [1]" to "First Aid/TL9-13 (IQ) [1]". The Guns/TL9 (Pistol) skill should be equal to "(DX+2)".

To the Enforcer, add "Intimidation-14 (Will) [2]."

To the Importer, add "Connoisseur (any)-13 (IQ) [2]."

Pp. 192-193. Raise the cost of the Unattached Agent to 710 points. Under Advantages, change "Very Fit [5]" to "Fit [5]", and the Bionic Arm should read: "DR 8 (Hardened 1, +20%; Partial, Right Arm, -40%) [32]". Under Primary Skills, add "Leadership-15 (IQ+1) [4]". Under Unattached Skills, change the opening of that section from "Take 50" to "Take 60". Add "Crewman/TL7 (Airshipman)-14 (IQ) [1]" and "Crewman/TL5 (Seamanship)-14 (IQ) {1]". Delete the Shiphandling (Airship) and Shiphandling (Ship) skills. Under Background Skills, Computer Operation should be equal to "(IQ)".

Pp. 193-194. In the SS Raven Division Trooper, raise the template cost to 71. Change "First Aid/TL9-10 (IQ-1) [1]" to "First Aid/TL9-11 (IQ) [1]". Add "Mathematics/TL8 (Applied)-9 (IQ-2) [1]" to the Secondary Skills. Also, under "Nazis. I Hate These Guys.", due to refiguring skills, in the second sentence change "62 points" to "63 points" and raise the final cost of the elite version at the end of the entry to 159 points. Under Gestapo Amt Z Agent, change the tech level to TL9 for the Guns (Pistol), Guns (LMG), Driving (Automobile), and Soldier skills. Add "TL8" to the Criminology skill.

P. 195. Under the Demonic Seeding package, the final cost of Mindlink is 27 points. Change "Sadism [-15*]" to "Sadism (12) [-15]". Add "Unnatural Features 1 (Glowing red eyes) [-1]".

The Steroid Regimen is -18 points, not -19, and "Bad Temper [-10*]" should be "Bad Temper (12) [10]".

Under Chimpanzee Muscle Grafts, change "(p. 65; attribute drain is ST not IQ with success)" to "(Brain Surgery, p. 65; attribute drain is ST not IQ on a failure)".

P. 196. Under Cabalist Mage, change "Astronomy/TL4 (Observational)-13 (IQ) [4]" to "Astronomy/TL4 (Observational)-14 (IQ+1) [4]". Under the World-Walker lens, change "Omen" to "Oracle" and "Tracking-13 (IQ) [2]" to "Tracking-10 (Per) [2]".

In the Criminal template, the Contact Group advantage should cost 15 points; the template's cost rises to 52.

P. 197. The Expatriate costs 65 points. Change "Computer Use/TL8-11 (IQ-1) [1]" to "Computer Operation/TL8-10 (IQ) [1]".

The Historian costs 82 points. Change "History (choose)-18 (IQ+4) [20]; History (second specialty)-17 (IQ+3) [1]†" to "History (choose)-18 (IQ+4) [20]; History (second specialty)-17 (IQ+3) [4]†". Change "Computer Use" to "Computer Operation".

P. 200. In the Weapons Table, change the CF/3 Pandar Damage score to "HT-4(2) aff". Change the Electrozap's Shots from "87(3)" to "90(3)". Change the Express Rifle's Shots from "1(23)" to "1(3)".

P. 216. Under the Gakuji and Architect Ley Travel time travel advantages, add a "+10%" notation to "Warp Jump" in both the Jumper and Warp entries. Under Gakuji, change "Naked (Except for period items, -20%), -25%" to "Naked, Except for period items, -25%". Add "Naked, Except for period items, -25%" to both Architect Ley Travel time travel advantages.