GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Mass Combat – Updated June 4, 2013

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All Items not marked as New! below have been fixed in v1.2 of the PDF.

P. 10. Under "Neutralize," delete the bullet point beginning "Neutralize Armor." Also, add the following paragraph at the end of this section:

"Adding Neutralize Armor, Air, Cavalry, or Fire is not recommended; these abilities should be fundamental to element types if available at all."

P. 17. Under "Infantry," Bowmen are now TL1. (This causes their sort order to change; they are now on p. 16, immediately after "Stone-Age Warriors.")

P. 17. On the TL0-5 Land Elements Table:

P. 18. Under "Naval Elements":

P. 19. On the Fantastic Elements Table:

P. 21. Under "Reading the Element Statistics," change the last sentence under "TS" to:

"Parentheses indicate a support TS that only counts at full value when calculating special class superiority."

P. 22. On the TL6-12 Land Elements Table:

P. 25. On the TL6-12 Air Elements Table:

P. 26. Under "Preparations," replace the first two sentences with the following:

"Determine each fighting force's makeup by element, noting in particular each element's Troop Strength (TS). For each side, total the TS of all elements to find the force's TS. Count parenthetical TS at only 10% of its value, or as 0 if the element's sole class is C3I."

New! P. 29. In the example on the top right of the page, Strykland gets a +2 for recon superiority, not a +3.

P. 31. Under "Basic Strategy Modifier," change the second sentence under the example to:

"His rival, Strykland, gets +2 for relative Troop Strength and +1 for Fire Superiority, so his Basic Strategy Modifier is +3."

P. 31. Under "Relative Troop Strength," change the first sentence to:

"As explained under Preparations (pp. 26-27), determine each force's Troop Strength by summing the TS of all elements involved as combatants on that side, but counting support elements (those with parenthetical TS) as only 10% of their TS (or 0 TS if their sole class is C3I)."

P. 36. Under "4. Battle Strategy Roll":

P. 37. Under "Effect on Combat," change the last sentence in the example to:

"Strykland's side took 15%, so his Basic Strategy Modifier drops from +3 to 0."

P. 43. Under "U.S. Army Infantry Heavy Weapons Team (TL8)," change the last sentence to:

"The TS is parenthetical, which means it adds only 180 to the force TS – full TS counts only when determining Fire Superiority."

P. 44. Under "U.S. Army Infantry Stinger Team (TL8)," change the last sentence to:

"If the alien invasion has neither aircraft nor flying monsters, all but 10% of this TS will be wasted!"

P. 44. Under "Modern Military Force Roster," change the second sentence to:

"He then adds up all the TS values (parenthetical, non-C3I ones count at 10%) to find the force TS."

P. 49. Under "Index," change Bowmen to "16, 17".