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ERRATA – GURPS Space – Updated April 2, 2009

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P. 117. The equation for Satellite Orbital Period should be:

P= 0.166 * square root of (R^3/M)

Under Tidal Braking, the first formula in the second column, for the level of tidal force being exerted on a planet by each of its moons, should be:

T= (2230000 * M * D)/R^3

New! P. 118. Under Axial Tilt, in the third column, change "The moonlet's orbital period is 0.0588 . . ." to "The moonlet's orbital period is 0.166 . . ." to match the corrected formula on page 117. The example text should now read "The moonlet's orbital period is 0.166 × square root of (0.63³/0.1) = 0.262 days. The moonlet orbits quickly, completing a circuit in a little over 6 hours!"

P. 169. On the Chauvinism Level table, the "-3 or less" section, change "and" to "or."