GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Spaceships (PDF Edition) – Updated October 25, 2007

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 19. The Jump Gate costs are incorrect for SM+13 and up. They should be:


P. 40. Under Atmospheric Landings, second paragraph: replace "a very low-velocity collision" with "a 0.1 mps collision."

P. 42. Under Docking, last sentence: replace "a minimal-speed collision" with "a 0.1 mps collision."

P. 45. Under Countermeasures, the formula in "-2 * (TL - 4) if using stealth hull" is incorrect. It should be "-2 * (TL - 6)" to match the formula on page 30.

P. 48. In the Scale Table, the Acceleration column, third line, the repeated .05G+ entry should be 0.5G+.

P. 59. The Base Relative Velocity Table should have the following numbers:

20-second turn110100
1-minute turn1/3330
3-minute turn1/10110
10-minute turn01/33
If rendezvous000
If engaged1/61/31/2
WeaponMinimum Velocity*
Conventional gun1
Electromagnetic gun2
Grav gun5
Missile, TL7-81/3 or 1†
Missile, TL9-121 or 2†
Missile, super50 or 100†**
Warp missile180,000**

Below the table, add to the end of the "**" note: "Optional for super missiles."

P. 65. In Main Radiators in Combat (Optional), replace "its fusion, antimatter, and total conversion power plants have" with "those of its systems requiring exposed radiators (p. 31) have."

Errata corrected in the current version of the PDF:

P. 1. Add Dan Smith to the list of illustrator credits.

P. 16. In the Factory Table, the $/hr for SM +14/+15 should be 50M/150M.

In the Force Screen Table:

TL 11^ dDR 203050701001502003005007001,000
TL 12^ dDR 3050701001502003005007001,0001,500

P. 17. In the Fuel Tank Table, the Cost ($) for SM +15 should be 1B.

P. 19. In the Jump Gate Table, Workspaces for SM +9 should be 0.

The second paragraph of "Open Space" has "Twenty open spaces are . . ." which should be "Twenty areas are . . ."

P. 20. Under Power Plant, Chemical Energy. In the Cost line of the table, the progression skips two steps beginning at SM+7. The correct Cost line on the table should be:


P. 22. Reaction Engine, Nuclear Pulse, third paragraph (Fusion Pulse Drive). "Each engine gives 0.01G acceleration (TL 9) . . ." should be "Each engine gives 0.02G acceleration (TL 9) . . ."

P. 23. Reaction Engine, Total Conversion and Antimatter, last paragraph (Options): "(5× acceleration, 1/5× delta-V . . ." should be "(2× acceleration, 1/2× delta-V . . ."

P. 26. In the Stasis Web Table, the Cost ($) progression should be:


after which the rest is correct.

In the Major Battery Table, D-damage for SM +15 should be 2d×100.

P. 27. In the Medium Battery Table: Gun shots for SM +14/+15 should be 1,500/2,000.

Immediately after Gun shots, add Missile shots, with this progression:

Missile shots 57101520305070100150200

In the Secondary Battery Table:

P. 28. In the Spinal Weapon Battery Table:

P. 30. In the Stealth Options Table:

P. 35. The second paragraph of Air Performance includes "accelerations of 0.5G to 10G; divide . . ." which should be "accelerations of 1.0G to 10G; divide . . ."

Just below the Air Performance Table, delete the entire sentence starting "For half-G increments round up . . ."

P. 39. Blast Off!, in the first paragraph "anacceleration less" should be "an acceleration greater".

Under Space Journey (short voyages), the equation "T = 26 × [square . . ." should be "T = 0.43 × (square . . ."

P. 41. Jump Drive, third paragraph: "powered up for a total of 60/FTL hours, . . ." should be "powered up for a total of 60/FTL minutes, . . ."

P. 47. Gun and Missile Ammunition Table. Starting with the 48cm line, the table should read:


P. 58. RoF Table: Rapid Fire Beam or Gun should have a "*" after each number, just like the other lines.

P. 66. In the first paragraph on the page, "or 1 turn at 10-minute scale . . ." should be "or 3 turns at 10-minute scale . . ."

P. 68. In the Conventional Warhead Damage Table, the dDamage column progression should be:


and a "0" chopped off the end of all of the other numbers.

Just below the Conventional Warhead Damage Table, "6d × 140 × 10 = 6d × 1,400 damage" should be "6d × 14 × 10 = 6d × 140 damage".