GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Ultra-Tech (Third Edition, First Printing) – Updated December 10, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 16. In the "Adjusting for SM" box, the table begins with -3, -2, -2, -1. This should be -4, -3, -2, -1.

P. 27. Under Mind Emulation, the Complexity requirements are "(IQ/2)+4" (matching the formulae on p. 220) instead of "(IQ+5)/2".

Pp. 27-28. Note that Complexity requirements for all Machine Intelligence Lenses (AIs, Mind Emulations) are based on average racial IQ rather than IQ.

P. 28. The Weak Dedicated AI lens should end with "a Complexity equal to or greater than its IQ/2 + 1, rounded up."

P. 35. Microbot (TL 10) should say "They may have any chassis (see below) except Dust." Delete "or Aerostat" from that sentence.

P. 37. In the Swarm Type Table, "Self-Replicating" should refer to page 92.

P. 45. "Causality Communicators (TL 11^)" should be "Causality Communicators (TL 10^)".

P. 105. In the description of Laser Microphones, the second to last sentence should end "bug stompers and privacy field white-noise generators (pp. 62, 188) never do."

P. 117. All items under the table section "Beam Weapons (Rifle)" should be TL11.

P. 118. In the X-Ray Laser Table, both the X-Ray Strike Laser and the X-Ray Laser Cannon should be Acc 18.

P. 120. In the Electrolaser Table at the top of the page, the Electrolaser Carbine should have an armor divisor of (2).

P. 137. In the Conventional Smallarm Table, the Machine Pistol should be RoF 10, not RoF 3.

The Shotgun Barrel of Urban Assault Weapon should have a damage of 4d+4 pi++, not 1d+1 pi.

The Storm Rifle should be Acc 5, not Acc 4.

All 7.5mm pistols on this page should do pi- damage.

The Heavy Pistol has a Bulk of -2.

The Storm Carbine does pi+ damage.

P. 138. Under "Gunner (Cannon)", the Tank Cannon does 6d×25 pi++ damage.

The Storm Chaingun does pi+ damage.

P. 139. Under "Rifle and PDW Ammo," the 5.7mmCL ammunition has a WPS of 0.009, and a CPS of $0.18.

P. 140. The Ice Gun has an armor divisor of (0.2).

P. 142. The Portable Railgun ammo type is 10mm, not 10mmG.

Under "Guns (Rifle)", the Portable Railgun has an Acc of 7.

Under "Gunner (Cannon)", the Railgun, 40mm does pi++ damage.

New! The Gauss Rifle, 4mm does pi- damage like the other 4mm weapons on that page.

Pp. 152-153. Erratum update. The Armor-Piercing Hardcore Explosive ammunition has a quadruple cost multiplier, just as in GURPS High-Tech (p. 170).

P. 153. In the "Biochemical Liquid Table", the number of doses for the 64mm warheads should be 65, and the doses for the 100mm warheads are 250.

P. 165. The Electric Stun Wand has been given the wrong armor divisor in the table on this page; it should be (0.5), as described in the text above.

P. 167. Add "Perk: Accessory (Microframe computer) [1]" to the Warbot, raising its points to 290.

P. 179. In the Space Biosuit entry, "a standard computer" should be "a small computer."

P. 210. Under "Boosted Reflexes," change the Basic Speed bonus to +1.

P. 220. Note that the Complexity requirements for Mind Emulations are based on average racial IQ.

P. 229. In the third paragraph of Tilt-Rotor Transport, replace "Piloting (Light Airplane)" with "Piloting (Heavy Airplane)."